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  1. Miss you, and Home Grown :( 

  2. Any plans for a new line ala Zenith ?   Or a new line of modular base modules?

    I just loved both of those "craft packs" and I still try and update and keep my own versions even now.   Thanks!! 

  3. Your Zenith line is still functional in KSP 1.0.2 ... you taught me so much about KSP craft design just by uploading them... I truly hope/wish that you might pick the torch back up and upload more.

  4. Chris,

    I uploaded all my Kethane designs here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wqo76c3tc1zuora/7AWjA3kUdl

    Two of them are working pretty well for me now, the tanker/driller combo truck and the power truck. The refinery/habitat is still in need of some balancing fixes with the landing stage.

    Anyway, since you helped me so much I wanted to share these with you. I took your 2 engine skycrane and scaled it up to 4 engines on a very wide base. The tanker and the power truck were redesigned so they could simply drive out from under the lander, both of those I have tested to the mun both with and without mechjeb.

    I'm sorry that I'm doing this off my mobile phone, so I can't tell you which craft file is which at this time. Some of the similarly named ones represent stages of development for these.

    Best Regards!

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