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  1. this just keeps getting more and more awesome...... Thank you so much for your work on these mods. I love them. I got really burned out on KSP (hey I've played over 2000 hours), but this brought me back BTW if someone could point me toward any kind of maybe fix or at least a method to reduce the "random heat bug" I'd appreciate it. I can't seem to get more than 1 or 2 missions before it strikes me...
  2. SUPER GOODNESS as always!!!! LOVE IT LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. " Added NovaPunch antennas (thx to blnk2007) " - Question, is that on a request basis? Can someone add the AIES dishes and Antennas? (is that already done and I missed it?)
  4. Not sure about discontinue, but maybe say something to the dev team. I know Feram did...
  5. Version straight from github is working OK now. Venting a little here, this is my last straw for CKAN, man it was nice idea and it seems handy to keep your mods updated and organized, but the execution is just off. You end up with these strange weird problems like this, and it's impossible to trace it back.
  6. Help... So I'm having an issue with the bucketboard and ponderossa right now. I landed a small lander with each of these types on the mun, I also have a SC-62 container (KIS). No matter what I do, if I detach the bucketboard or ponderossa, they explode. If I hold G and drag to my kerbals inventory, the icon shows up in the inventory, but the explosion animation and sound play. Then if I try to mount it to a muncrete , it goes and immediately disappears. However the SC-62 container works as expected, I can detach, carry, mount, detach, carry, re-mount to different muncrete blocks as well as the KIS mount. EDIT: more info - I did a fresh re-install of KSP, used CKAN to load the required mods. Right now I have a shorter list of mods than I normally would... Basically, KIS, KAS, Pathfinder, MechJeb, SteamGauges, Toolbar, SpaceY, AIES and KJR (joint re-enforcement)... Any ideas? the F3 menu shows "Bill Kerman crashed into the mun" when these modules explode. Edit 2 : I want that Buffalo MSEV sooooo badly right now! It's Perfection! Edit 3 : Looking at my gamedata folder and noticed some oddities... I'm thinking I've been bitten by CKAN once again... I've decided to do another fresh install, this time I'm going to install mods by hand.
  7. Thank you again for this mod. I refuse to play without it anymore.
  8. Wow, WinDirStat is one of the coolest tools I've seen in a long time. Thank you!!!! I hear ya... I guess I'm going to have to get out the cutting tool Planetary Base systems really is just another form factor for base parts, flat bottoms.... so in that your correct, I'm really duplicating things .... But they are sooo stinking cool... Near Future, ALCOR yep got those, guess I'll have to dump them too....
  9. Wow, I just can't help myself.... I have 4 installs of KSP and they are all modded to the razor's edge of crashing... (even with -force-opengl , DDS converter, and ATM)... How do make myself content with just a few mods??? I like to play with life support *(I keep waffling between TAC and USI) and that leads to MKS and Planetary Base Systems, which in turn lead me to the Tal cargo solutions, and Stork, and KAS and KIS and Pathfinder and Universal Storage and and .......... (see the picture)? So, how do I learn to live with a few mods?
  10. I grabbed the download a couple pages back and started testing. I've just started, so I hope this is useful info... I took a block 10 up and had no issues. It's a little "squirrelly" feeling with the roll axis, but other than that I was able to reenter and land without anything blowing up, on 120% heat. (stock no DRE). The only issue encountered was that I could not recover the vessel after landing. I tried the recovery button at top, and I also tried the VAB main screen recover button, both give you the crew report but the icon remains. When you try to "fly" it again, the game crashed. So for me, it would be a matter of figuring out why the no-recover thing, other than that it's playable, but needs tweeks. BTW I installed all updated dependancy's via CKAN for these tests (smoke, gimbal, etc) Re-entry profile used Starting from a roughly 80x80 km orbit, de-orbit burn over the great dessert, aim to put your trajectory line between the mountains and the KSC flip around to head pro-grad and pitch your nose up to 25 degrees , keep the RCS on to help you, by the time you hit 60km alt, you should be going roughly 1800 or 1900 m/s The nose will fight you to pitch down as you move down in the atmosphere, don't fight it too much, just keep it above the horizon. By the time you hit about 800 m/s you should be lining up. Works for me. EDIT: Restarting the save allowed me to recover it. Strange. More testing coming
  11. Thank you both!!!! my (kerbal) life can be complete again!!
  12. I know every one of those mods, except for what looks like the curiosity rover mast, which mod is that from? BTW< where did you find Talstar's science container? I used to have that and I can't find it
  13. Hey guys just a quick tip / suggestion If you really want a good install, checkout NecroBone's new Lithobrake pack of parts... It's got parts you need to make really big landers, and has service bays for rovers... I'm currently in the process of using his new pack to build landers that can plop down a sufficiently supplied rover, to move all the stuff needed for a good sized pathfinder camp. This way I can land, and setup / break camp multiple times (analyzing and surveying multiple biomes). Pretty cool stuff when you find some mods that seem to just "fit" LINK
  14. All good points, and I'm glad we stirred up this conversation First let me clarify something, All the greenhouse mods mentioned above, (at least to my knowlage please correct me here if I'm wrong) don't require you to find and aquire any resources in-situ in order to "close the loop". In other words you launch the greenhouse and place it where-ever, provide it electric charge and you're all set to go, right? The following is what I wrote before I realized that RoverDude made some major changes to UKI (mks/oks). YOu can either skip the quoted section or read it to gain an understanding of what I was saying before and why. EDIT: found it https://github.com/BobPalmer/MKS/wiki/Life-Support That link explains the two "loops". one for USI-LS and one for TAC-LS They explain things much better than I can.... Another thing I noted, I'm talking about the way I learned how to do things with UKI a version or two back. Looks like Rover has made some major changes to things since the last time I played Kerbal this much... So if you look at the USI-LS flow chart, if have a surface base with a water and substrate drill, it's possible to turn that into organics and in turn that into Supplies. The idea being you can make a "farm" and over produce supplies to re-supply missions and stations. Think in terms of a farming colony. So in that vien, would it not be nice to not simply recycle, but to over-produce resources to stock up your ships and other missions whithout the cost of launching off kerbin?? Maybe we need to find some time to jump on Teamspeak or something. I have a server if you wanna talk it out So getting back to the root (two pages back the picture of the new tanks with the "ore -> Fert" line in it)... I'm going to remove my objection to this cycle. I've though it through and as long as you don't set the gains very high, then I think this does make sense after all. Just look at a backyard swimming pool, toss in some dirt, your're going to get algae to bloom (yea oversimplified but whatever) So I amend my proposal to the following: If USI-LS installed - greenhouse should take in mulch (optionally fert) and electric and produce supplies, the Algae tank should take in ore and make fert If USI-LS AND MKS - same as above except the algae tank should have another converter installed that takes water + Substrate and output organics, your hab module should have a converter for organics to supplies If TAC-LS installed - I'm not sure here... I could see the Algae taking in waste and waste water to make Food , I can see the greenhouse taking in those same things to make food and clean water and O2.... So I'm not sure how to proceed there.
  15. first, YES! this is one of my favorite mods, and I'm very pleased to see who's taking over dev. 2nd - I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what you mean by supporting the dmagic telescope? Dmagic's is (for lack of a better term) a "fake" telescope meant to be something to click on and be rewarded science points. Cacteye is a FUNCTIONAL telescope in that you can control it, and zoom in and out, take pictures and be rewarded sci points as a bonus for doing your telescope aiming and picture captures. It even requires/ allows for service missions to replace the parts as you go up the tech tree. So I'm just confused as to what you mean "support" ?
  16. Not sure I understand the question... If you have any LS mod, then the next logical progression from that is to extend it to in-situ replenishment. Currently, the only mod with in-situ / self sustaining setups is MKS/OKS. RoverDude included all the code needed to setup these life support cycles. Not understanding exactly how mods work, maybe Planetary base systems could replace mks if it has the converters etc. But you have to also keep in mind that MKS extends more than just the LS mods, it also extends Extraplanetary Launchpads ... OHHHHH Nils what do you think about a rocket parts converter module? something that takes metals and turns them into rocketparts (EPL) or partskits (OSE Workshop)
  17. Is this really a "hard vs easy" mode question? Or is this really a "if you have USI-LS AND you have MKS, THEN have these parts" question ?? So here's the thing I was thinking about... If you have MKS, then you need "substrate". And you could turn substrate + water into compost (I think that's the TAC LS loop). I have to go look but I think you can combine substrate, water and some electric charge (you know to run the mixer), and get mulch ? I mean chances are that if you have TAC or USI-LS you're going to have MKS right? So my suggestion would be that if the user only has the LS mod, then give them parts that let them prolong but not eliminate supply runs (ALA TAC's filters and stuff). If however you have MKS installed, then you should get another part that will let you do closed loop. How does that sound?
  18. tell Rover Dude he came up with it. In the MKS cycle for USI-LS (I hope I remember this right) Kerbals consume "Supplies" and produce "Mulch" which can then be converted by a greenhouse back into supplies. "Fertilizer" gives the greenhouse a "bonus" in that "fertilizer" + "Mulch" yields more supplies than just mulch.
  19. this is just getting better and better and better!!! Thank you!!!!!
  20. "ore to fertilizer" - I tend to agree with SSMI here. RoverDude in a post someplace or in the wiki or something stated that the reason he has no converter cycle is to make Fert a resource that you can only source from Kerbin, making it extremely valuable because of the boost it gives your greenhouses. That's why Mulch /= Fertilizer 1
  21. "end-game (and would probably be more realistic) if the parts for bases are available later. This would be like it is now in reality: We already have a quite complex station in orbit but are still many years from a base on mars or even moon." Excellent point, though if you think about it, the plans have been on the drawing boards since before the Apollo missions. What the human race has lacked is the commitment to funding and research to make off-world bases possible. Think of it this way, it's been 46 years since we landed on the men on the moon.. ,. Put another way, we had the human will, spirit, and drive to put people on the moon nearly 50 years ago. Had we continued funding the space program at those levels (proposal to landing in less than 10 years), in some alternate timeline we have probably colonized Europa
  22. I was just lamenting the fact that the I-Beam comes at the composites node in the tech tree, so in my career playthru I'm doing, I've unlocked all of the needed parts from your pack to make a base, except I can't make the landing system because I need the I-Beam... Also I think it's going to depend on how you see your mod fitting in (or not) with RoverDude's MKS (another where I feel like the parts come just a tad to soon in the tree... I think what it boils down too is this question: Is your mod for making "end game" bases (IE the player should have mostly filled out the tech tree by the time they use your parts), or is your mod meant to help the player propel themselves along the tech tree and earn more money in contracts? edit: Expanding my thoughts Another mod that fits in with these is Pathfinder. I feel like it fills the need of an early tech tree base system (it's like tents). Then you move into MKS/OKS modules which are meant for mid to late tree. I think these parts are the best looking and feel like stock, and I'd actually prefer to use them as MKS parts if you want my brutal honesty ... ok now I'm just blathering...
  23. I was glad to see that you're planning on support for all the major Life Support mods. I realize that most people use TAC, heck I was one of them for the longest time, but recently I decided to simplify my life and I went with RoverDude's USI-LS. Since Rover's on the dev team, I figure 2 things. 1 I'm reducing the complexity in my game time, and 2, if they do go with a "stock" life support ever, RD is most likely to be working on it, better to get used to it now IMHO. Look at the new Communications system they are talking about. It's like a mixture of Antenna Range and Remote Tech (at least IMHO from what's been released so far)... So just my 2 cents and a thank you for this awesome mod. BTW, I would really appreciate it if someone would make a video on delivery methods for these parts. The IMGUR shots are great but I'm still not doing things correctly... That and if you play career or science modes with the stock tree, you end up getting the base parts before you get the I-beam ... soo....
  24. ok, I was quite content to putter about a 10th size solar system with cartoon rocket parts... You sir, have spoiled all that. I'm installing RSS and overhaul right now, just so I can play with this mod. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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