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  1. At that rate, it will only take 24 days to reach Alpha Centauri... Mother of God...
  2. I always hate the time before updates where I can't play the game because I'll want to restart it all. Then I have to wait for the mods to come out.
  3. If you just mean probes in space that can't do anything, no, there's no purpose for them, really. Removing them will make the game run smoother, also. I don't like to remove anything, so I tend to keep all of the junk in space. It's your choice, really.
  4. There should probably be a rule that the apoapsis can never fall into the atmosphere.
  5. Only the update could've ever stopped the hype train. I've really been enjoying 0.24 so far. Thanks for eating up so much of my time with it.
  6. Take my rep! I don't need it! Take it all!
  7. I was just playing on 32 bit this whole time and I didn't even know it... Goddamnit.
  8. Adding? This is the final thing I need for my mod list to be complete!
  9. It's just a single dll. Install it just like any other mod: drag it into the gamedata folder.