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  1. It also pertains to the inclusion of microtransactions. Do not downplay the significance of this. Knowing 2K, this will also mean the introduction of DRM is to be expected.
  2. I know I'm restating the same thing again, but you are again thinking within terms of our own reality while there is no guarantee that applies in any way to the aforementioned 'base' reality.
  3. It does matter, because if different laws apply in the 'base' reality, then why couldn't a flawless simulation be created? And how can you prove that these strange results aren't normal or natural or have anything to do with it being a simulation? To be honest, when you reach this point the concept of a simulation begins to lose its meaning.
  4. Problem is though, as I pointed out in my OP, is that all these 'how-to-know-if-you-are-inside-a-computer' things is that they all bank on such a simulation being constrained by the same limits as the known universe. What I mean is, how do we know that mathematics and quantification as a whole isn't a fabricated construct? How do you know the nature of reality within a simulation is different from that outside of it? If so, how do you define 'outside'? In the case of such things, these experiments are basically useless.
  5. ...assuming the media hasn't exaggerated or misrepresented his comments, which often happens. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/06/03/we-are-almost-definitely-living-in-a-matrix-style-simulation-cla/ http://qz.com/699518/we-talked-to-the-oxford-philosopher-who-gave-elon-musk-the-theory-that-we-are-all-computer-simulations/ (and many other sources besides) If he really does think this, then I think there are probably a number of flaws in his reasoning, most notably that such a simulation would be a reliable representation of a 'base reality'. Any particular thoughts on the subject?
  6. What time are people usually on to play this? I always seem to miss the time people are on.
  7. I think I'll try make use of KLF this time, instead of vanishing as soon as it was fixed last time.
  8. Probably a bit boring of me to list this, but Half-Life 2 and it's subsequent episodes are definitely some of the best games I have ever played. I generally dislike linear games like It, but HL2 is fantastic. Other games from that time period that I still like to play are Star wars Battlefront 2, Rome and Medieval total war, Company of Heroes, and Day of Defeat Source. It may or may not count, but I've been really enjoying Homeworld remastered lately. I'm putting it here as it is a remake of the original games; and I have also tried the both of the original versions that come with it. I also played Theme Hospital a lot when I was younger.
  9. We really need people who use this to invite others. I'm sure there are plenty of people on the forums who would like to use KLF, but just don't know it exists.
  10. This might be a stupid question, but what does it mean? I've recently began to see it on a number of users, and I haven't seen anything explaining why.
  11. KLF has finally been updated to the newest version. I'm planning to go on it later, is anyone willing to come too?
  12. I remember you said that a slow-scan video stream was one of the planned features. Has that been implemented now?
  13. I prefer KLF to DMP, as it doesn't interrupt usage of mods and normal gameplay.
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