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  1. So I've been having a problem trying to start experiments, specifically in relation to lab time. Reading the readme and searching for 'lab time' references appears no one else mentioning this, so I'm wondering if its a mod conflict I have or if I'm just too dense to see it. Basically I can't start experiments that use lab time resource. Lab time resource is always empty so I can never start an experiment because it always comes up 'Needs labtime resource'... I figured having a scientist would actually produce the resource as needed, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So - How do I get lab time resource?
  2. So after further testing... It seems its just buggy regardless. I don't even need to crash it for it to bug out. I removed the Hullcam mod, but still getting the same issue. I'm going to leave it for now.
  3. Hmmm... Got a new problem now. Using the MRS Cone on a booster. Test fly it... then crash it, and BOOM! It causes what I think is the dreaded Kraken of KSP, weird stuff happens. Can't even go back into the main menu, gotta task delete the process and relaunch KSP. His tests I've done: Re-rooted to decoupler. Used the RT-10 Hammer booster. Flew it. Decoupling it causes the game to become unplayable, black fizzy screen. Nasty stuff happens... Reloaded back up. Re-rooted to RT-10. Flew it, was able to decouple fine. But soon as the Booster crashes (it crashes around the same time as the MRS Cone) same thing happens. I've tried replicating this issue on other parts without the Cone, and re-rooting, not had an issue. It's no biggy (as long as I don't crash it) but definitely odd.
  4. Yeah I've got hullcam installed. Just tried your suggestion about the re-rooting, it worked! Awesome! Cheers for that. Still not sure on the cause but it could be the hullcam.
  5. I've noticed in my 1.1 64 bit ksp game that the MRS Guidance Nosecone bugs out on launching. Simply put; it will not allow me control over any booster/rocket. For example, if I was to attach a booster under it, and proceed to launch it... the booster will simply fly through it (without exploding or colliding) while the Nosecone remains on the launch pad. I've got a lot of mods installed, so not sure if there is a conflict somewhere. https://img42.com/3brdo
  6. Yep getting this exact same problem. Massive unexplained lag increase in 1.04 with mods. Although not sure whats causing it, wasn't even aware I was using OpenGL... Will try it without, but something is seriously wrong here.
  7. I noticed that recovering an unlaunched rocket at the launchpad essentially causes it to disappear, as I assumed it might just end back up in storage. Is there any way round this, cause it often means having to rebuild the rocket.
  8. So I've noticed this lately (in addition to the obvious memory leaks) that when I load up a ship, my memory will go from say 2.4gb to 2.7/2.8gb of ram usage. But, once I'm done with the ship, either through recovery or leaving the VAB, the memory used will not be returned. This is on Windows 32 bit. Is this the norm? And are the devs working on a fix for this? I'm aware they're working on fixing the memory leaks, but this seems like an entirely different issue.
  9. I've not killed a Kerbal since 0.21... I exclusively play career mode, so every manned rocket I design features safety first!
  10. I've installed the mod (in Gamedata) and when I load up KSP, the game reports during the loading process that it found 1 error in the Modtechtree folder. So I've removed the mod for now. Is there any particular reason it might be doing this?
  11. I find the advances are fine, but if you mess up a launch it can be messy and I'm a stickler for not using the revert button. While you can't go negative you can't really do anything at 0 cash and it's pretty much game over. Hope Squad are planning a sort of grants system based on reputation which would be cool.
  12. Is there a way to get a loan? Struggling for cash at the moment and I recall that the earlier versions had a bank loan feature in it, but can't find it in the latest one.
  13. Yeah, as I've just discovered from launching 64 bit. Barely 5 mins in and crash happy. 32 bit is grand though.
  14. Doing the R-10 booster test contract and I'm having issues with it. It says to activate it through the staging. Now, I would assume this simply means pressing spacebar, correct? Yet this doesn't work. Once all my marks are green, I try the only means to activate via staging and that is pressing spacebar. I tried doing it with a detachment coupler so when pressing spacebar, it would separate the engine. Also, you can't actually activate a booster once its already activated, so... *shrugs* Edit *Never mind, figured it out. I had to ACTIVATE the engine when all the ticks were green. Ended up creating a empty stage below my engine one, and manually activating the engine, then pressing spacebar once all was green. Bit of a weird work around, and something Squad need to look at.