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  1. @NSEP is that to be a lander probe? Cool keep up with more the drawings! i encourage anyone to post their art work ideas here too!
  2. I don't get as to why my drawings look blotchy on imgur compare to seeing it on this forum?
  3. Blue arrow Drone Master Codename: FlyingCastle - (need a name for it, any suggestions?) Codename: SpaceWingZ
  4. I like your combination idea from different current jet fighters
  5. This one is from a while back... a small escape spacecraft enough to send a Kerbal back to Kerbin safely from [high to low] Kerbin orbit. similar design to the Blue Bee. Although i think that the escape craft should be upside-down - where the hatch is connected to the mother craft. so that a Kerbal can access straight into it. it may not be the most manouverable craft, the winglets should pop out of the small fuselage only for small control and airbrake
  6. You guys are doing amazing at creating these designs & crafts to life in KSP, thank you for sharing it too it looks great! ok i'll shut up now and keep those pens drawing... If you guys do have any drawing or sketches and ideas that you would like to share feel free to post it up here. (even if its just an idea that you'd thought of and rough sketched on a tissue paper) haha love to see/hear your feedback Cheers guys!
  7. here you guys another design for you to try any name ideas for this one? as previous upload was unsuccesful
  8. %5BURL=http://imgur.com/AkGb5Nl%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i.imgur.com/AkGb5Nl.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D
  9. ok Sorry guys these are unfinished sketches: but you get the picture, i will add a bit of colour to it in the future so you can get more definition of the designs. again, apologise as i've been busy this week as i have not added any artwork recently.. DroneMaster 'LandMate' able to cruise on land or sea, could carry large vehicles. Kerbals be able to stay for months at a time on remote places. The challenge is coz its so big, its VTOL ( inspired by Interstellar) 'Sterling' If you guys have a better names for some of these craft happy to share and rename it.. we'll have a vote!
  10. ok had to use my laptop to upload my sketches, so here is one of them, (one of 20 designs i've recently sketched). i will add more soon
  11. hey guys just a quick and simple craft came in my head before I go to bed "Phoenix Flyer" Kerbals reuseable orbital space transport vehicle