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  1. hey guys just a quick and simple craft came in my head before I go to bed "Phoenix Flyer" Kerbals reuseable orbital space transport vehicle
  2. Hey guys, sorry I have not posted anything yet, (I've been busy this weekend so I have not been able to do much drawings) will try to post something up next week @swjr-swis that looks awesome! I see you've place multiple wings great screenshots!
  3. The Kraken mk1 sounds good
  4. (For the DuoRacer) If only KSP have a choice of colours panel and not just a flag logo
  5. Niceeee!! is that air intake at the back? lol That looks freaking huge!! looks cool though, did you put hinge doors at the rear/front? i twas thinking originally of having hinged doors at both sides so that mini subs can come in and out, what you guys think? great build though!! C'mon who doesnt like a bit of VTOL? Lancer mk1a Have you guys got any other specific designs and ideas you have in mind? more smaller fighter planes with vtol etc?
  6. i can't upload anymore photos... the Imgur icon has gone when trying to submit a message, please help?
  7. You're right, (although I haven't tried making it yet) a rule of thumb is you will need a bit of weight (centre of gravity) to be in slightly in front of the "lift". This should in theory gives a better control.
  8. Whoah! That's impressive!! Thank you for having a go at making it, cannot wait to see when it will be completed!!
  9. Atmospheric flight mostly atm
  10. All together really, maybe 4 variants; 1)hauler, 2)cargo, 3)firefighting seaplane. 4) passenger with light cargo I think of it as a C-17 that floats and take off from sea. Working on it
  11. Hey Guys! Awesome work !! love your response that video looks cool Yes i will try to make more artwork!! Seaplane huh? maybe ... bit like those old russian seaplane using the ground lift over water.. now you got me thinking...