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  1. I think the latest update Broke the mod. KA330 and the KEAM are both causing KSP launching to stop when it reached either mod. Textures Unlimited may be the issue but i am unsure at the time!
  2. One of the first or maybe the first to land a rocket on a barge in November 2014
  3. As long as you move your craft files with it and any mods you use it should work fine.
  4. I did some launches. It went well!
  5. Put this in the ocean for safe keeping. WE HAVE A FLOATER!!
  6. Just parked my Saturn 5 on the lawn. I think it makes a great monument at KSC.
  7. I ran out of fuel on a rescue mission to grab 2 kerbals. Time to send another plane to get these guys and the others.
  8. Nasa's SOFIA Telescope plane i made today! Super High Graphics High Graphics
  9. I was around in .18 but i did my first landing in .20. I was still learning and had mechjeb on my CM and forgot to put it on my LEM so i ended up landing on the Mün without any assistance.
  10. Rover cores float. I will double check this when i get home.
  11. 1.0.1 HYPE Im boarding the HYPE train!!! This might help a bit more.
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