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  1. I also have to agree with this, if you could make it more "eye friendly" would be good, otherwise a great mod, thank you.
  2. I would just like to add my thanks to all the people who visit the forums and may , in some way, keep the inspiration and the game alive. In this point and click world it is very easy to think that things can be done with a few clicks of the button , and I have to say there are some out there with very little patience ( as we can be when we can't live without something) , but as time and updates have progressed through the years, there has always been a light as ferocious as the sun at the end of the tunnel , and for me that light is THE MODDING COMMUNITY , I know nothing about modding which is why I rely on them soooooo much to make a good game fantastic. So I guess this is my way to thank all you Modders out there , and the people who contribute to this wonderful ever evolving game. And please have some respect , we are people , not machines.
  3. @Duke Leto Just delete the one installed in your Gamedata folder and then install new one from CKAN. I did.
  4. Hi, it doesn't seem to be working for me, do I need anything else other than the downloaded file? KJR v3.4.1 p1 I really need this mod to continue with my plane not breaking on the runway.... KSP 143 windows 7x64
  5. V2.0.1 works in 1.4.1 with both dependencies, but the tool bar button is foggy, just saying, thanks. windows 7 x64
  6. Draggable Navball and Altimeter seem ok in 1.4.1 , although not extensively tested..... windows 7 x64
  7. Hi, it seems that the spacedock link to toolbar controller is broken? keeps going to spacedock...
  8. Thanks @Nice2Bee & @linuxgurugamer It's back, beautiful. (it's the small things, you know...)
  9. @linuxgurugamer I was using V1.6.0 of the old one, didn't know there was a newer one out by BahamutoD , thanks for the heads up, have just downloaded it and will give it a try...
  10. Sadly, not working for me in 1.3 . it was good while it lasted.
  11. Hi, yes it's working as is V1.0.1, same for navball, thanks.
  12. Working for me too, so far....