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  1. Greetings, one and all After reading as far back as I could to see if anyone else has encountered the same issue as I have... and after failing to find anyone, I feel it is time I finally post. Since v, I believe is when the issue started to occur. Issue: a certain early stage separates almost immediately when I have 'Auto Stage' selected. Versions prior to this did not have this issue. I strongly believe that it involves the use of the Structural Pylon as a use for stage separation. Again, I have used MechJeb on the same launch vehicles (and giving some modifications to the design, the use of the Structural Pylons have not changed). And yet another again... MechJeb did properly stage a few dev versions prior to this issue... believe before or around era. I am willing to send the .craft files to any who would care to look, and help me resolve this issue. Also, this as been tested on several different installs of KSP, and the updates to MechJeb. Most Sincere Thanks Current Version Used: MechJeb2-
  2. Speaking of proper functionality... 2.0.9 is the only working version of MechJeb that has all the options... as does not have any functions except for data... the "" site does not provide a fix for the missing interface, for whatever reasons :/.. unless I am missing something, again, all features are active in 2.0.9, but not any of the latest, especially in the SpacePort 2.1.00 version