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  1. im using this with B9, DSM, Keth pack, KAS, Mehcjebs, KW Rocketry . no errors. all with 21.1
  2. this is my Kethane Mun base. thing is already lagging my laptop so i cant put much on it. i use flags for MechJeb to land at, so it doesnt land ontop of a somthing it should'nt, had this happen a few times before i thought of using the flags to mark landing points. the drill just sits there, a KAS Rover with a keth Gen for power making, a Fuel tug comes down and loads up on the fuel then takes it back to a orbiting space station where it is stored to be taken to my station orbiting kerbin.
  3. These are the spaceplane launch configurations that I used: Abby - http://i.imgur.com/uBxIQkL.jpg Preston - http://i.imgur.com/5BoxBFD.jpg Wendy - http://i.imgur.com/BylR6wC.jpg thats alot of space planes there and a mean looking station
  4. My Space station, still building it. Two ships docked, 1 remote fuel tanker and a research vessal. The Fuel tanker can land back at the KSP once its done(keeping the cost somewhat down so you can reuse it later. not that KSP has a cost , i try to think it does). A Crew ship docked, i use it for move crews around from kerbal to the station. Power is made from two Kethane gens. I plan to add some more fuel tanks for doing long missions to other planets.
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