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    dear squad, about the duna signal....

    After seeing the feedback on this it makes me smile to see others would actually be on board for this, but like Tw1 said, I agree that it can't be announced, there can not be a guide or a tutorial or anything, they shouldn't even mention it besides saying "keep your eyes and ears open" otherwise that would defeat the purpose of genuine exploration and genuine discovery, it would distract you from the main focus of the game, its like in star trek TNG when Q was about to drop the ultimate spoiler of the universe itself and stopped, looked him dead in the eye and said "you'll find out" that's how it has to be, no spoilers, no tips, no hints, just start looking, and maybe hand us some stock planet mapping and telescope parts to help us peer further into these mysteries
  2. joethebeast22

    dear squad, about the duna signal....

    its an easter egg in duna's northern hemisphere that originates from a pyramid, and when you translate it to an image it creates quite a spooky image, look it up on google "duna sstv signal image" or something along those lines
  3. I think when the time is right, when the bug squashing and feature implementing is coming to a close, do something great with that signal, put us on the hunt, put us on the scent of a great mystery, a quest to find out who put that signal there and why, or put more cryptic signals about the system, leading us to an answer that very well may have to be speculated towards as there may not be a firm answer, maybe even put an unmarked derelict satellite around a planet that once docked to gives us more clues, but in any case, put us on a greater adventure than we could ever imagine, that is my one request squad
  4. joethebeast22

    updated parts list

    Trying to do some math at work, I have a ore/fuel converter station in mun orbit, and I'm trying to build an unmanned lander that can collect ore and bring it to the station, but as you can imagine, ore and return fuel = heavy, and an updated parts statistic chart would help with some math for thrust to weight ratio calculations and help me build a feasable lander, thanks - - - Updated - - - Also if anyone else is trying to reap the bounties of the mun, this could be a good collaborative for station, lander, and general mining ship designing, let's hop to it
  5. joethebeast22

    Load buttons not working in sandbox

    thanks, that fixed it, we can move this puppy to solved
  6. im not usually one to gripe, but this is just too much first the load button in the SPH stopped working after awhile, and then the one in the VAB died too, now i cannot reload ships in either to work on... i am on the 64-bit version, and again, they worked for a long time before and then died one after the other.... suggestions?
  7. joethebeast22

    Fuel Drain bug?

    is it because it is built in the SPH? or has anyone been having weird unwanted fuel transfer with the new .90 update?
  8. i made an space shuttle replica, but i ran into a problem, once i got into orbit, everything looked good, launched a satellite from the bay, but noticed something curious.... my shuttle had used all its fuel... fair enough, but it partially drained the sats tank... through a stage decoupler... so i am getting fuel transfer through stage decouplers... halp, added link to image for proof
  9. joethebeast22

    What did you do in KSP today? MY 5TH SUCCESSFULL SSTO MISSION IN GLORIOUS PHOTOGRAPH!!!! i have done 5 in a row so far after many months of failed desings and flat spins, 5 consecutive safe takeoffs, full >100km orbits, and safe reentries and 100% intact landings!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! :D:D:D:D i am pleased.... first successful SSTO i have ever made was made today, after literally months of failiures
  10. joethebeast22

    need help SSTO's

    idk, just like the bigger challenge posed by jet to rocket ssto's i guess
  11. joethebeast22

    need help SSTO's

    my rocket game is off the chart, too comfy with rockets, and i have been going through dozens of SSTO's, and for them to either lose air at the end of the climb and spin out of control, or spending all the fuel getting to orbit OR once in orbit, only running on fumes and not being able to do anything but retro fire to get home :/ need help and tips here, thanks guys, i have been trying oh so very hard for months, with little to no success :/
  12. hahahaha, love that blade runner reference XD
  13. joethebeast22

    Taking a break from this bugged game

    i only had one issue where a rover platform i made clipped into them mun, and then a physics glitch happened, and it threw the platform into the sky and it landed on my heavy rover, and destroyed 3 of its 12 wheels
  14. joethebeast22

    What did you do in KSP today?

    and here is a better view of its top/backside
  15. joethebeast22

    What did you do in KSP today?

    First successful SSTO that i am thoroughly pleased with, makes it to orbit with good fuel left, and i caught up with an old relic as i rendezvoused with my first career mode satellite. the plane currently has no name and just goes as SSTO-X, anyone got a good name for her? she is beautifully stable and did not come even close to flipping once during the flight. after much frustration with SSTO's, this one made me feel good cause i threw all old ideas out the window and started fresh with this one and to my surprise, she flies great. oh, and i landed back at KSC too, it was a good day