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  1. Found the contract packs in CKAN again, now is everything in working order for future zero gravity roulette games?
  2. Thanks for the response, once I realized they were all liquidfuel engines I put together the need of oxygen for combustion. The engines are all beautiful and a whole lot of fun for some of my previously small jet flown planes, and resolves a lot of issues with things like small seaplanes that I've taken an interest in for... no true reason to my career right now.
  3. I might have missed it when looking through the thread, but was there anything on these prop engines working on other planets with atmospheres like Eve and Duna? Also, the mod looks awesome, found it through Ckan and it looks a lot more my speed than found in more intense part mods, Kudos to ya. ^^
  4. alright, that's a fair point, and I've had that issue myself just rovering around KSC for early career science, it's quite frustrating, and since a lot of the science equipment really doesn't seem to require some physical sample (Can't exactly preserve goo in zero G on the planet's surface.) it'd make sense for someone to be trained to take an analysis. I'd suggest some cost for the function of resetting, or something like a limited reset, but I think that'd be more of a game mechanic than a kerbal mechanic, so it'd be silly. Definitely adding this mod to my career though, well done again. ^^
  5. Certainly seems like one of those "Should have been in the game by default" situations that I highly appreciate someone making. Kudos to you.
  6. This sounds like a wonderful idea, but I feel the idea of resetting experiments is a little high on the list of skills, taking them and storing them maybe for scientists to use wherever they're stored maybe, but resetting experiments are one of the key advantages to hauling a scientist with you, even if you control a ship via probe and your own piloting prowess. I do agree with minor repairs and always having control though, and this idea is certainly well placed.
  7. The real time VS server time issues of vote vs sync warping is an obstacle to consider, but maybe the idea shouldn't be to control the timeline instead of the vehicles themselves. It's only a consideration, but what if docking and other vehicle to vehicle "server canon" interactions were voted on in real time? All of this discussion on multiplayer seems to come from the idea that multiplayer was envisioned to be open hosted servers like in Minecraft or something, so I don't hear a lot of talk about people simply wanting to share isolated experiences with friends, and therefore have a good idea of what each other is doing, but in the case of a more wild kerbal landscape for a multiplayer experience, it could make sense for vehicles to be controlled instead of time itself, by using some sort of player decided permission system. If I were to elaborate on one of @Red Iron Crown's earlier paradoxes, imagine two players racing to an asteroid and the situation comes up that one player arrives faster via warp while the other would arrive faster via plotting. The former of the two clamps his claw onto the asteroid and in that case, the still physically behind player gets a prompt that states "Player X is wanting to dock to Asteroid Y in Z amount of time ahead of you" And you're given an option to literally accept or deny that interaction with consideration of your own plotting, and in the case of denying it, the claw will simply undock (or time will step back a few seconds) and the asteroid will remain sterile of that interaction. With the idea of player permissions, say that in a public setting you didn't want some random player stealing the fuel from your depot in LKO because you need it for a mission you're planning, so you'd simply revoke permissions for other players to dock to it or interact with it outside of passing by it, and any interactions done to it including crashing or damaging it are totally ignored unless both vehicles share permission to interact, which is a decision both players make with each other, keeping the interactions limited to what you expect. While objects like asteroids are considered world owned objects and to interact with them, a vote can be placed on the player grabbing and taking ownership of that particular asteroid for themselves (Which also prevents it from being used as a vessel destroying projectile from that point on.)
  8. Roger that, I'll save terrifying groups of unsuspecting tourists with my terrible rocket designs till then, now all I need to do is finish what non stock contracts were working (Splashed down in highlands must be the rarest biome condition on kerbin or something.) and uninstall them until then. Might take up to the release date before that happens.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. So if the issue is known, is there any way of correcting it? It also seems that there are some other quirks (namely the base and field research contract packs) that have similar issues where certain conditions are considered unmet from a newly made save. I suppose all of this in question is because I wasn't actually supposed to have the contract packs with the 1.2 pre-release in the first place?
  10. So it seems this pack along with the Configurator were released for the 1.2 Prerelease via CKAN, but for some reason it seems that this particular pack has quite a few quirks about it, the first tourism contract hasn't loaded for me, and even on a new save up to being able to reach the moons, it seems that the game is convinced I've done a tourism contract, since the not having done a standard tourism contract condition is considered Unmet.
  11. Nope, and it appears I'm stuck waiting for the recovery mission. @Galileo, got any sunglasses? Sun's in my eyes.
  12. Ran out of fuel setting up my aerobrake, and it seems it took a few too many revolutions. This is why we test things. Got a spare one of those @The Raging Sandwich?
  13. I seemed to have crashed here unannounced, I hope I didn't cut in line. @WinkAllKerb'' seemed like a good caveman to go to for safe crashing advice.
  14. Last I checked anything considered "future expansions" was suppose to be free from the get go. Am I remembering incorrectly or are we just comfortable with the idea of paying more for extra content? Considering the scope of additional content in the game has been grasped pretty firmly by the modding community. Outside of extra levels in the space center or some deeper level of space center relevancy for the rest of the planet, *cough wheeze* but including multiplayer *cough*. It'd be redundant and kind of... snide... to release paid DLC for a game like KSP.