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  1. Great, missed this mod. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Most non-hypergolic engines have a limited amount of ignitions, typically based on how much 'starter fluid' (TEA-TEB), other starting methods are normally used on the launch pad, pyrotechnic or electrical. Upper stage engines, with multiple restarts, have a limit due to either starter fluid, or power, ullage propellant or a series of other factors. only hypergolics have an extremely high restart count. The ISS, Space Shuttle, or other space craft use hypergolics for RCS, orbital maneuvering systems, including the altitude control systems of the ISS.
  3. would you know if the solar panel problem is still around. I just launched a ship with solar panels, and they tell me that they are blocked by the sun?
  4. Yeah, that's what I figured out last night. (Sighing) oh well my galactic tales will have to wait
  5. thanks, i hope you can find a fix, it really sucks having to keep an eye out on all of my com arrays
  6. question, I don't know if this is due to Galactic Neighborhood or Kopernicus, but I can a com array set up, but every time i load my saved file the orbits change to the point that after three or four loads the orbits shift by +/- 100 km. Is it just me that has this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it? Edit: I found the answer in the Kopernicus thread so ignore, but man is it annoying
  7. Good point @FreeThinker , just random ideas for nuclear containment. it wouldn't be a problem if the reactor is far from the inhabited part of the ship and there is some kind of radiation shield for the rest of the ship. I would also think that refueling would be problematic since if you use steel it easily gets irradiated, i don't know about aluminum, but steel is preferred since it does a better job with radiation containment. and irradiated steel would wreak havoc on electronics
  8. this is a nuclear waste storage tank, might be a good start unactivated nuclear fuel requires minimal shielding (often in the for of U-238) depending on the fuel type. once it has been used then you need something like the above, or a container made of steel and some kind of radiation absorber, on earth concrete is used, but very impractical for space this is a nuclear waste storage tank, might be a goods used, but very impractical for space
  9. parts of it work, i'm still trying to figure out why some of the distillers will only work with the first output not the other ones, and why some appear in the VAB but when you launch they revert to normal. Edit: After some figuring out, the BSP 2's only work if they are 'hard coded' into the Original Karbonite files, I don't know enough to figure out why the modulemanager file doesn't seem to replace them when a ship is loaded
  10. would anyone know how to adapt this for the new updates?
  11. I'm actually having the same problem with the experimental version, don't know why.
  12. assembly in orbit. My ports are always lined up with my CoM and CoT, i'll try with the Sr.s but usually my acc doesn't go over 1 m/s2 and it still flexes and breaks. anyway thanks
  13. I've been trying to build a multi part interplanetary ship, yet I can't seem to make it strong enough. when I start a burn it breaks apart at the docking ports. how can I make it stronger?
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