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  1. Yeah the wikisend only keeps the file for a week and when I tried to reupload it today it refused to work. Thanks for hosting the file I'll try to do a more permanent solution soon.
  2. That might lower the poly count but it would no longer be stock-a-like which is my main concern.
  3. Well if you could upload the .cfg files somewhere where I can get them I'll happily add the corrections to the next update.
  4. Thanks. Also: english is not my first language :I
  5. They're just rods with hidden ends. Usually I think it's not worth it to actually make a single mesh with something like that, makes the unwrapping a pain and it's more difficult to modify afterwards.
  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments, I do have some more ideas for additional parts, like science bits that would look a bit more interesting. I'll try to update the OP soon to make it a bit clearer and answer some questions there. The T-shaped girder is a bit tricky because on one hand, it's too short compared to stock but on the other if I make it longer it doesn't fitnwith the other adapter girders. As for the TP-250, I purposefully designed it so that the attachment node is deep enough so that 1.25 diameter parts fit tightly as well as 0.625 parts.
  7. Here's a small pack of parts that I feel this game still needs. I've always been bothered by having to use those adapters that don't do anything, attaching girders just anywhere and having to stick landing legs in uncomfortable places. So this is what I've got done so far to help make a bit prettier ships. Updated! -All parts are integrated into the stock tech-tree -Adapters work like regular fuel tanks Download: https://www./?et4ctfdh592a6sn v1.02 -New parts: Triangular Structural Plate 3 adapter pieces for light weight truss RCS fuel tank cap -Texture improvements -Minor improvements to models v 1.01 update: some grammar fixes in the part descriptions, thanks to a__gun! "TurboNisu aesthetic parts pack" by TurboNisu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  8. I'm really glad you liked it! @Railgunner 2160 I'll probably do the magazines at some point, but doing the other engine is a bit tricky because the central column shares textures with the engine.
  9. Modified textures can be downloaded from here. http://dfiles.eu/files/uu6blcjyx
  10. Well you can't, not yet anyway. I don't know what nyrath's opinion is on other people poking with his mod. I might put the textures for download somewhere if he's okay with it. And I did play around with the config file, so it's rescaled on the other screenshot.