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  1. Note: I plan to continue this story-line soon but my original account can no longer be accessed so I had to create a new one. Once I get use to the new version of the game I will have a new 'chapter' ready. Many of the craft will likely have to be redesigned. Funny enough I was able to put Jeb's new 'cheap' station into orbit without a problem. So I know some things still work.
  2. Letters -Delivery Thirteen- To: The People of the Confederation From: F.D. Kerman Head Counsel of the Confederation Subject: Our Great Loss My fellow citizens, It is with great sadness that I announce that, around noon yesterday, we lost contact with the International Space Stations the C.J. Cherryh and the Lisanne Norman. Sensors and surviving orbital droids report no sign of the two stations. It is assumed they were lost, with all hands, when secondary solar flares hit our region of space. From what we can tell, the flares caused bends in the space-time gravity well, making the stations wobble till they broke up*. Also it had been reported that the flares caused changes in the very nature of the fabric of space. Heat build up will be harder to deal with and our nuclear tug will have to be redesigned to handle such issues. It is great sorrow that I have to report these events to you. But don't let this make you think our space program is shutting down. No. Nobody said space exploration was easy. Already we have new designs on the drawing boards. The space station Jeb designed, for example, which is already being assembled will become the new ISS C.J. Cherryh (II) and will become the basic design for all space stations. I will ask that all of you, from the youngest student to the oldest retiree, respect the moment of silence we will be having tomorrow for the brave crew who lost their lives, till they can be cloned again, to the exploration of space. Those crew members are - Bill Kerman. Hadmal Kerman . Lanemy Kerman. Bob Kerman. Donard Kerman. Munmin Kerman. Enmy Kerman. Chadfrey Kerman. Shellong Kerman. I would like to inform you also that our Ranger Station on the Mun reports to be active and the Kerman crewing it safe. Please let us all take a moment to remember the explorers, scouts, and brave people who push the envelope so that we may thrive in the future and not just exist in the past. Thank you, signed with respect, F. D. Kerman --------- * Damn you 1.0.4!!!!
  3. I got into KSP because of One-F-Jef. He made it look easy and fun. I found out it was kind of fun (though not easy). Still, Scott Manley also helped with his knowledge and humor.
  4. I would love to know. I am very interested in how this effects my Tugs with their nuclear engines.
  5. While waiting for this version I was planning on a massive mobile drill platform but after reading some of these posts and their points about heat, energy required, and weight, I think the converter will be in orbit and the landers will just do the job of mining and carrying the ore.
  6. I try career but always end up using up more money than I can create.
  7. In .90 I made my first SSTO that worked. In 1.0 I had to redesign it - making version 2 - to make it work. And when I head over to 1.0.2 (when I am sure the mods I like are working) I am sure I will have to work on version 3. But at least this forces me to learn and learn again.
  8. I have fuel trailers. They can be docked in with a station. Once full they can be attached to a tug/space craft. When not needed I can just place them in a orbit to pick up later. Or they can be placed in orbit to act as small fueling stations.
  9. Valley

    He's back

    I am very happy he is back. Because of him I have played with space carriers, fighters, weapon systems, and so forth. Because of his series I have tried things and selected goals I would never had before. Wonder how the new equipment and such will change his designs.
  10. Letters - Delivery Twelve To: B. V. Kerman Director of KSC From: N. V. Kerman Section 9 Subject: SSTO Testing In New Atmosphere Dude! As you know we have tested out the old SSTO in the new atmosphere using our number-crunching computers. And found it wanting. It can't handle it, it just can't. It runs out of fuel way too quickly. Nothing left by the time it reaches orbit. Dry as a rocket fuel cocktail. But all hope is not lost. For the old SSTO will be replaced with a new SSTO! The only problem is that it will be a one passenger craft. Yeah, I didn't think you would like that. Also, we know it will make it to orbit but not if it will be able to land back on planet side. More tests are needed. I was thinking maybe using it to deliver our first female space gal into orbit and then having it land empty to see if it can without, you know, exploding. signed, Let's hope nothing explodes! N. V. Kerman -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travel Log by Matbo Karman Location: Waypoint Nine The sun is already down while I type this. This leg of the journey was about an hour long. The folks back at KSC don't seem to care what I do after that display of the sun's might. It was wonderful to watch but also scared me. Still, the equipment works and the A.I. tells me he is doing fine. It only took us about an hour to get here and I took a walk when we arrived. The moss or 'grass' outside was knee deep and I had to cut some of it out of the way to get a soil sample. I kind of enjoy the peace out here. I still hear birds ever once and a while. Or at least they sound like birds. The Buggy is still holding up well. I can see it being very useful, for example on Duna, when equipped with the proper science devices. I tried one of the orange cubes for dinner tonight. A little too syrupy for me.
  11. Today I spent some time figuring out how heat shields work.
  12. Well, I have to say yes. I am working on a KSP universe in the Fan Fiction area and this new version will create interesting problems to overcome. The whole reentry problem for example. I am testing to see what designs work. Not sure my old SSTO will survive but stuff happens...
  13. Letters - Delivery Eleven To: All KSC staff From: B. V. Kerman Director of KSC Subject: Solar Event Well, folks, it has happened. Kerbol has that massive storm we get every few years. But it seems we lucked out. The A. I. units seem to be still working. But on the other hand the atmosphere has gone haywire. All our equipment suggests a thickening of the layers of air, almost as if the planet is trying to protect what is left of life here on Kerbin, which will cause some problems when traveling through the atmosphere. We have yet to try out the SSTO under these new conditions. Still, we are working on heat shields and other devices to protect our ships. And crew, of course. Crew too. Also, we have hired a female pilot. So take those showers and splash on the aftershave. I would also like to report that our research and development guys are putting the finishing touches on a generation of new technology that will allow us to find and exploit new resources. To space and BEYOND! signed, Make sure to put on lots of sun lotion, B. V. Kerman (OOC Note : Took me a few tries but it seems the new updated MechJeb 2 works (so far) with KSP 1.0 with some adjusting.)
  14. Letters - Delivery Ten To: Bob and Bill Kerman Senior Staff of the "ISS Cherryh" From: Jebediah Kerman Senior Pilot of Kerbal space Center Subject: LMAO! Hey guys! How you doing? I'm doing okay. Sure, the desk job sucks but I get all the dough nuts I can eat and gallons of hot coffee to go with it. Did you hear the new catchphrase from the Powers That Be? Think cheap? Well, I've sent the Director a new design for our next station core. Look at it! HAHAHAHA! He'll blow a fuse once he sees that! So, Bob, still have those nightmares about ponies? And Bill, still complaining about the green food triangles tasting too much like mint? I don't know - no matter what the shape they all taste the same to me. Well, I hope they bring you down soon. Yeah, I know you guys LIKE it up there. See yourself as on the frontier of science and big things and blah blah blah. You're both nuts! signed, Having another jelly filled dough nut! "Jeb" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: All KSC staff From: B. V. Kerman Director of KSC Subject: Our NEW Minmus Station Folks, we have a winner! Jebediah Kerman has given us the perfect station core. It is tiny, cheap, and does what is needed. Really, nothing more then a manned core for attaching fuel trailers to. Which is what we need! Empty of fuel it should be a pinch to send to Minmus! The Public Relationships department were so impressed with his way of thinking they have decided to use it in their new campaign to show the people how effective the space program is becoming. Check out this new poster! Isn’t it wonderful? We’ll put them all over. On the side of buses, on buildings, in the bathrooms, on bill boards, in books, give them away free to kids at schools, and put them in every office in the Center. Soon everybody will know how Jeb feels about size. Think small folks! Like Jeb! signed, It’s how you use it! B. V. Kerman PS - A Space Drink company wants to put that same image on millions of cans! Isn’t it wonderful?
  15. Letters - Delivery Nine Memory File - 1001010101 Generated By A. I. Unit 0110010 - Known As Hal I am the A. I. unit of the first Robotic Tug to be sent to Duna. I carry five other A. I. units attached to tiny landing probes. They are untested. My design has been tested in the computers, again and again. But this is the first real craft I will be piloting. The night is spent checking and rechecking my systems. The plan is simple. I will go up to 200 kilometers and be shut down. When the window for Duna is available I will be turned back on and sent on my way. The time has come for me - I launch with my special payload. Slight above 7,000 meters I do my gravity turn. I check my systems - I believe the creators have given me more fuel then I need for getting into orbit. It will be useful later on. I start to coast to the point where I will carry out the circularization burn. By T plus 16 minutes and 37 seconds I am in a stable orbit at 200 kilometers. A perfect parking orbit - nothing Kerbal made orbits this high. I will now be turned off. I ponder if I will dream. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: All KSC staff From: B. V. Kerman Director of KSC Subject: Minmus Station Okay folks - I am getting a lot of ideas and designs from you all, but I need to make something clear. This isn't going to be one of those Science Stations like we've built before. The "C. J. Cherryh" was built to test out new devices such as life support. The "Lisanne Norman" was built to try out a totally new core design. We don't have the funding we had when those cores were launched. I want this station to be designed for industrial work. No science stuff on it. Not saying we are going to neglect science - we can always land a few probes or manned missions once the station is up. BUT we need to worry about mass and fuel. So I am thinking small. No, I am thinking TINY. I want TINY. We can always add Fuel Trailers and other equipment later. Docking ports are cheap. Massive unnecessary Hitchhikers and Science Labs are OUT. Got it? Good. Also, the Orbital Tug, named "David Brin", was launched about a week ago. There were no problem with its staging. Everything went perfect. It picked up one of the Fuel Trailers, number three, and docked with the "Cherryh" today. It did so unmanned because we are trying NOT to overwhelm the station's life support systems. The A. I. units, named by Section 9 "Fred" and "Ethel", handled it without a problem. And let's think of a few things to add to the To-Do List, right? Get the public excited about space again. Oh, and the station will need more RCS and snacks. So we need to send a supply ship up soon. signed, THINK CHEAP! B. V. Kerman