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  1. 3! 2! 1! CLEAR! I used the forum defibrillator to revive this thread. I don't want this to die.
  2. Since hex color dosen't allow 's', it says "bada55", but it's the Kerbal skin color! www.color-hex.com/color/bada55
  3. Now it's not Kerbal Space Program, it's Kerbal Space Center: The Game
  4. I think KSP 0.25 will be released on the 16th of October, since that was the day that Career Mode, 0.22 was released!
  5. It won't, because your developing the same exact part as the company so why does R&D have to develop the same part again, and also, you don't need to integrate because on Kerbin, all the companies mysteriously use the same 1.5,2,and 3 meter parts. Apparently.
  6. Here is the current 0.24 career mode system= Contracts from a record society before R&D even asks you anything Then, companies ask you to test parts. Why does your R&D need to research parts with science, when the companies make the parts? Shouldn't it be you buy parts with funds from the companies, and the parts you develop are the ones that the R&D makes. It's not the Space Center's job to research other companies part's, they research it, and give it to you to test it. Well, there's a question that's been bothering me, and I REALLY HOPE that SQUAD sees this. Anyway hope you feast your brain on this one :/
  7. What about an Space Lab? I'm tired of naming one kerb science labs space stations.
  8. AMAZING. NEEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED. I have an idea. What if when the currency is added, that you expand the R&D center and it's supplies to gain better quality data.

    Make A Planet!

    The Combine is interested in this planet, G-Man sends the One Free Man to stop them, kills most of the invading Combine ships and also cripples this planet's population. EDIT: I hope you accept this Tried to make this interest. EDIT #2: Crap. Interesting. Duh.
  10. May I have a request for future use. The Kerbal Space Agency develops POTATO v0.1, a new software. You decide what it does . If you want it done.
  11. In the name of thread activity I say the IDAHO AWARD FOR POTATO SCIENCE 1973: Apeture Science
  12. Seriously. I know it's a joke, but just stop. It's not funny. ****.