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  1. I am hugely impressed by your mod. I hope that you continue to develop it (especially since this is the kind of system I would like to do exploration in).
  2. I must be having something odd happen, I'm no longer able to use decouplers whatsoever, because the decouplers don't come apart from the rest of the spacecraft. There are no unusual messages in the debug-log, but this is kinda broken.
  3. Let me just say, this is beautiful. You deserve so many cookies that I can barely stand it. That aside, I enjoy what you've done, and it works quite a bit better than those other things that I tried to maintain FPS
  4. This is a very nice pack. I like the style of the pulse engine, and from what I've read, they don't seem all that off. The ramjet is impressive, as it should be, and it seems to have the highest cruise ceiling out of anything I've built.
  5. Just saying, XCF is good only because it has multilayer support, quite possibly as extensive as photoshop. Though, if you use Gimp, then you can use PSD, so case in point, it probably doesn't matter. And I see that my concern has already been posted.
  6. Now I think that I would enjoy seeing it, if only for the JFK hair... I don't know why I said that, but if there was some kind of grotesque parody of the cold war behind the start of KSP, I could get behind that.
  7. Just to address one concern I have for every mod that makes anything more realistic, is the model built at launch, or is the model used for the calculations calculated realtime?
  8. I really just want this to allow us to really discover Kerbin; I mean, what do we really know about Kerbin? Not much, other than the fact it has grass, no animals, and a bunch of green skinned idiots who wear space suits all the time. Also most of its physical characteristics, but what do those matter when you don't understand it on a spiritual level?
  9. Now I don't care about that either, but what about deploying the various small rockets inside? I think piloting a small craft inside the VAB or astronaut complex would be a wonderful way to train for flying under the moon arches. Also trying to dodge all of your recruits as you speed down a hallway seems about right.
  10. Now I'm sorry, but why has this thread gotten so out of control? The argument here is fairly well presented, I couldn't care less either way, but ultimately the physical inaccuracies are easy enough to get around. The lag spike that would come out of the fairings is also quite legitimate. From what I'm seeing, this is an argument about whether or not the game is supposed to run well or whether it is meant to be as accurate as possible. It is a balance, but ultimately, when looking at the multibody solution that Squad has implemented, I see the accuracy being thrown out in order to provide a better performing game. Unfortunately we can't leave it at that. KSP is also meant to be a balanced game, not so much in the sense that it is meant to not have any game-play holes which are exploitable, but in the sense that it is meant to be a reasonable approximation of how difficult planning, building, and executing a successful space agency, but we also all know that we're in this for the flight sim. This is a discussion about whether or not these kinds of fairings would break the game. Why does that matter enough to make several of you insult each other and demean each other's points? I understand that this is the internet, but still... How about this, it should be possible to memoize the simulation of the payload inside the fairing by calculating the minimum force required to break the payload, if this limit is reached (within 5%), then the parts inside the fairings are simulated until the force diminishes, if the payload is destroyed or dismantled by the force, then perhaps the contents inside the fairing would be simulated up to and past its breaking point. --- Either way, the problems are not insurmountable, alternatively, would anybody send up a 10,000 part(counting from the outside) spaceship in real life? The number of modules in real life ships is limited as much as possible because as you add further parts the chance of something going wrong increases.
  11. I don't quite think that's how the translate matrix works.
  12. I was wondering if I might use Exsurgent Engineering's dll for a mod of my own, who should I contact to ask permission?
  13. I was just wondering if it was possible to combine a command module and an engine. I tried to do so, with the module information here: http://pastebin.com/n3YkWEZV. It does add it to the launch bar, but it does not provide any real thrust, is this possible? Or am I wrong in my methodology?
  14. Took me a week to get to Eve (mostly due to other failures), then finally when I get there, I realize that I put a module in the way of the hatch, my pilot can't get out and place a flag. As a result, he transferred to the sundiving program.
  15. My only question is whether or not there is any interior space for your kerbals to play around in at all?