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  1. For me the engine exhaust has a graphical bug with the clouds, it's like the clouds overlap the exhaust and it's super dim (even when I'm well above the clouds). When looking at space it's fine. Also in the main menu the clouds are on top of the text.
  2. I tested it and all the planets show up fine, I used Alt+F12 to explore them a bit. But whenever I go back to the space center, the screen is all glitched out, only happens about 50% of the time though. I only tried it on my sandbox save that I use for testing, I think the problem might be it.
  3. This is probably a stupid question, but can I use this with my current savegame? I would hate to have to start a new save.
  4. My Internet has Curse blocked or something, any alternative download location?
  5. The IVAs and crew cameras aren't showing up for me?
  6. Who doesn't like military trucks?
  7. It's been fine for me, no problems.
  8. I did one of the T-90, its my first. ( I suck at art )
  9. Rust looks more fun and fresh, DayZ was really fun the first 6 months, then it felt like bandits wars... The Arma games are real fun, a bit buggy, but has tons of user created content for free, or mods(Arma2 has, Arma3 is still a bit new, so not as much). Plus it has a mission editor. And for a all around a "shooter, strategy or simulation", the battlefield games has to be the best. I found 4 to be really fun. (still has a bit of problems, because you know, EA) I bought BF3 a day ago because it was cheap, and a good amount of players still play it. I'll be able to try it tomorrow morning, after the download is finish tonight.
  10. I left the alliance for a while, I sold most of everything I had, I plan to come back in a month. I'll start from scratch when I get back.
  11. I don't really care for it, I like battlefield 4 better... because you know, Tanks > Mechs.
  12. I guess he does, attacked 4 times in a row....
  13. Having all these troops is really hitting hard on the income... I bought myself some time by lying to him, I said I'll give 350 oil to stop this war, he said sure thing... And do you ever think that our enemies look at this forum? There's a link on our Alliance page.
  14. Who are the BLOC? I looked it up and its a band....
  15. Oh noe, pony has attacked me..... He attacked me one time, lost more soldiers than me, I sold one of two oil wells and bought another barracks. He only has 4,000 troops, I'm going to try to match that.
  16. I'm attacking some Japanese guy for some money, so I can build up my nation faster, there's a few BLOC guys attacking him too...
  17. How do you get the scale right? Like the T-72, if I tried something like that it would look odd due to "this is too long/short/high"?
  18. There is a lot of food on alliance only trade.
  19. I'll send some trade offers so you can sell it for some money, because I can't give actual money.... edit, what is your nation name?
  20. I don't really know, but I think 10% is sustainable, maybe a bit to high...
  21. So, what resources? How much? And 20k soldiers should be the goal for the alliance military power, having a weak military is bad.
  22. Peace has been made for me, now I guess they want resources? Now, I think a strong military should be high up on our to do list...
  23. Attacking is the only way to get money? He stole less than 10k for all his attacks so far... The only thing he is doing is wreaking my Infrastructure...
  24. He attacked again, this is the hardest hitting attack so far. To be honest, our alliance has a pretty small and weak military. We were never prepare for a full out war...
  25. How do you mine bauxite and lead? There isn't improvements for them. edit: about that alliance, there right behind us for score (we are 29, they are 30) I guess there attacking us to move up the rankings.
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