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  1. 9 hours ago, OhioBob said:

    You should be able to add in OPM at any time without it disrupting anything you were doing in the stock system.  The only exception is Eeloo, which OPM moves.  So it you have a spacecraft in route to Eeloo, it will be headed to nowhere once OPM is installed.

    I tested it and all the planets show up fine, I used Alt+F12 to explore them a bit. But whenever I go back to the space center, the screen is all glitched out, only happens about 50% of the time though.

    I only tried it on my sandbox save that I use for testing, I think the problem might be it.

  2. Rust looks more fun and fresh, DayZ was really fun the first 6 months, then it felt like bandits wars...

    The Arma games are real fun, a bit buggy, but has tons of user created content for free, or mods(Arma2 has, Arma3 is still a bit new, so not as much). Plus it has a mission editor.

    And for a all around a "shooter, strategy or simulation", the battlefield games has to be the best. I found 4 to be really fun. (still has a bit of problems, because you know, EA)

    I bought BF3 a day ago because it was cheap, and a good amount of players still play it. I'll be able to try it tomorrow morning, after the download is finish tonight.

  3. Having all these troops is really hitting hard on the income...

    I bought myself some time by lying to him, I said I'll give 350 oil to stop this war, he said sure thing...

    And do you ever think that our enemies look at this forum? There's a link on our Alliance page.

  4. Oh noe, pony has attacked me.....

    He attacked me one time, lost more soldiers than me, I sold one of two oil wells and bought another barracks. He only has 4,000 troops, I'm going to try to match that.

  5. I demolished one of my farms and constructed barracks. That leaves me with 21 days of food left, which may be less as I build up my army. Just an alert in case this war stretches on longer than expected.

    There is a lot of food on alliance only trade.

  6. Well im pretty much suffered big lost as i am low on infrastructure ,and no money on buying any.

    I'll send some trade offers so you can sell it for some money, because I can't give actual money....

    edit, what is your nation name?

  7. What's the highest rate of military force vs. your own population and economy that can be sustained in this game?

    I don't really know, but I think 10% is sustainable, maybe a bit to high...

  8. How do you mine bauxite and lead? There isn't improvements for them.

    edit: about that alliance, there right behind us for score (we are 29, they are 30)

    I guess there attacking us to move up the rankings.

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