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  1. He attacked again, my 100 soldiers got ran over completely, I made 500 more. This alliance is attacking most of our members.
  2. I built a barracks and have 100 soldiers, I had to sell a supermarket for it, but I still have a bank.
  3. I got attack today too, lost about 50+ Infrastructure. Can anyone send some troops? ( can you even do that?)
  4. Um, unity! I know nothing about them! Would you rather die in a tank or die by getting crush by one?
  5. Alright, I'm a applicant, but I only started to build my nation today, so I'm not going to be much help for now.
  6. I used Origin to buy buy battlefield 4 plus premium, I haven't notice why everyone hates it so much. (because of EA I'm guessing) And you don't even need to use origin for launching BF4, you just use Battlelog, but that's only for the BF games.
  7. The good old days of 1.27...before it became over-hyped...
  8. I loved WT, played it when it first went open beta... But now its just a really bad P2W.
  9. Alright, this thread is here so you can post the amount of time you spent on certain games. This is from my steam list: (I only picked 10 out of 21) Euro Truck Sim 2: 72 hours Arma 2: 401 hours Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead: 410 hours Just Cause 2: 144 hours Just Cause 2 MP mod: 11 hours KSP: 609 Hours Take on Helicopters: 17 hours TF2: 43 hours Wargame: Airland Battle: 133 hours Wargame: European Escalation: 135 hours So, what about you?
  10. The anser is obvist, potato How do I hax us gov funds to get monyz?
  11. I can spend the day with my Skyrim character.....
  12. Aright, which free antivirus is the best, what are the facts?
  13. So, two Nazis walked into a Bar...
  14. I don't remember, and I knew downloading it would be the real virus.
  15. So, I was looking for mods for Arma 2 on armaholic, (which is the website I always use looking for mods, not some crappy website filled with pop-ups and viruses) and got a message from windows, saying something about "oh noe virus, remove now basically" The only option was ok, so I hit it. Now It has a list of 3 viruses in a window, that looks like real virus. So I look, it wants me to download something, which I know is bull*** and I close it. Should I be worried about it? Or was the download I didn't touch the virus?
  16. I think I found the steps in order how to get the DLC to work, I'll try that when I restall it. Can't wait to fly a Hind
  17. The fix was to run steam as a administrator, verify the game files, then run the game, then it would say "preforming first time..." or whatever it does when you first play a game on steam. Then The DLC would be installed. There was 2 other DLCs you got with the bundle (or whatever its called). They worked, there where in the game files like this, ToH/Dlc name/Data, The Hind DLC was ToH/DLCsetup/Hind/ Then the data files. So I thought, I'll just put the Hind folder like the other DLCs. Still didn't work, so there was a installer in the Hind Folder, I would run that, then steam would open up, saying "Play ToH" or "Play ToH: Hinds" (both do the same thing) like if you launch the game from steam.
  18. I use Google to, but I only found two way of fixing the problem for this one, nether one worked for me.
  19. I love big fat cargo planes, and my favorite is the IL-76
  20. Hello guys, So I just (more like a few days ago) bought Take on Helicopters on steam for the Hind DLC, only to find that I couldn't to get the DLC to work. So I went to the official and steam forums to look for a fixed, there was one, and that it fixed the problem for a lot of people, so I tried that but didn't work. So I started looking in the games files, the DLC was there but in a folder that the game wouldn't pick up. so then I started to mess with the files. Lets just say I ****** the game even more. So next weekend, when I have time, I'm going to reinstall and try again. So, have any of you bought a game you really wanted that you couldn't get to work?
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