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  1. Just because you don't want mods shouldn't mean no one else should have them.
  2. MechJeb Bobcat historical packs ESA pack RemoteTech KW Rocketry HyperEdit
  3. But career mode will be more like running a real space program, rockets and parts cost money, you get money for a completing task, and you'll get punish for a failure. And Mods add so much more to the game. Sandbox there's no goals.
  4. Not every single mod makes the game easier, and its not fun playing with toy-like stock parts.
  5. Why should you care about how I play the game, its a single player game, you shouldn't care if someone else uses mods...
  6. Not all mods make the game easier, mods like RemoteTech and deadly re-entry make the game a lot more realistic and challenging
  7. Same playing field? Its a single player game!
  8. I remember that I saw a solar eclipse the first day I had the game, but I didn't know how to take a screenshot back then...
  9. Hyperedit my space stations back where they belong
  10. Its not like anyone is forcing you to use mods, don't want them? Don't use them.
  11. I paid for the game with my own money, And I shouldn't be allowed to play with mods? Its a single-player game, why should you care about how I play the game? Plus stock gets pretty old really fast.
  12. I had to use hyperedit/mechjeb for almost everything I did
  13. Coming in to fast for a docking, I must have killed 10 or more kerbals on that station....
  14. You have to get your 5th post, then you can change it
  15. hyperedit http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/hyperedit-2/
  16. I like bobcat Russian and American parts mods.
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