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  1. I have no idea.... ....what I'm looking at, so many buttons and other things....what does it all do? EDIT: Would you ever make a space center (with the kerbtown plugin) that's like the Russian one? You could put it where the desert meets the grassland.
  2. I would want to drive the truck!
  3. You mean make a new one from nothing? Or someone else to fix the CSS.
  4. Do one around Tylo, Your orbit speed will be much faster, making watching the surface go by much more fun.
  5. I understood 0.00%.......Too much math........can someone get me a ambulance?
  6. yessssss, hes lik my fav YTer (Sarcasm off) I just say one word....NO
  7. If you have windows, its the start menu ( In the bottom left coroner) Then Control Panel, then after that idk, I'm not at home now so I can't look Just try to find it from there or google it
  8. You could do that too, but the point is we still send satellites in earth orbit.
  9. Its the stuff inside the Computer, every PC is different, what is inside tells you what it is capable of doing.
  10. It wouldn't just be early career mode, It could be late career too. Only it wouldn't be the best way to make money, as there would be more things you could do for more cash and science.
  11. Why do you keep killing Jeb is a more serious question?
  12. It would be cool to send up satellites in Kerbin orbit for cash, but not over time. Types of Satellites would be TV, Comsats, Military, Spy, what else?
  13. I'll won't be buying a laptop, and I think my PC is good enough for now. Thanks for the answers guys!
  14. Lets just say I'm not building a computer
  15. I don't know anything about computers insides, like what SC said 8Gb of RAM, dual graphics with an AMD 7670 2Gb dedicated/AMD 7660 integrated, AMD A-10 4600m processor, 2.3Ghz quad core, usually clocks up to 2.8Ghz, dual graphics? Processor? Ghz? I don't know what anything what that is, and you say build a computer myself? I never built anything in my life! (That worked )
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