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  1. Why don't you just install MechJeb or kerbal engineer (Is that its name?) to tell you? Don't mess with this "formula" and "math" nonsense
  2. Are they worth it? How much does a good one, that could run games like battlefield cost? (PS, I a noob at stuff inside the computer, don't go into all the little details)
  3. It will be more than a year till KSP gets to 1.00, wait till then, if you can! But seriously, buy it
  4. Why won't you tell us what this "secret project" that asmi said about? I really want to know what is next... Just give us some clues........please?
  5. When will you start working on this again?
  6. After I downloaded RT2, I launch ComSat 1 and 2 successfully, and set up 3, 4, and 5 together Here is 3, 4, and 5 But I put the engines on the wrong way on 2 of then, so it had to be de-orbited. (I least I got one in Orbit)
  7. wat........ how does that happen?
  8. The KASA SLS is based off of the NASA 130t Cargo version of the SLS You need KW Rocketry for this ( The SRB is included in the download ) You also might want KJR I just made this download for fun, Its my main launch vehicle. It can lift about 50-60 Tons to LKO DOWNLOAD: http://www./download/0ha990pqg0r61u7/KASA+SLS.rar
  9. Yeah, landing on Duna is real boring. But wait, if I land on it I get a achievement? (A little badge on steam ) Oh boy, I better go there right now! Who thinks like this?
  10. I didn't see the "Soon" Part.....maybe I should read a bit more before I ask questions. and about flatfluffycat
  11. Was this the secret project that asmi was talking about? And will you make fuel tanks for the engines? (Stock looks bad) ps, what about the An-225?
  12. My new version of the SLS, 60 tons to LKO
  13. My new version of the SLS With the new SRBs it can carry about 5-10 more tons to LKO
  14. What will you be working on now that life support has been added?
  15. Why would you send a crew for scanning for kethane?
  16. Its like one of those dreams where people ( or "things" ) are chasing you, but can't run, or you keep falling, only this is being eating by kraken babies
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