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  1. yeah, ill give you a third strike against me. After reinstalling it, it seems to work fine. I think CKAN must have installed the update wrong. I'm asking for trouble, but the other mods "work" and I've tried the process of reverting all my mods and game back to 1.8.1 and I spend hours figuring out what's broken. good luck on future updates!
  2. Hello, I'm having an issue with your recent update (at least I think it is Ampyear. Had trouble triangulating which mod in your folder is causing the issue). The red exit button along with the VAB and SPH no longer work. the back button seems to try and bring me to X1 Warp. Attaching a log file. If you need anything else, lmk. I had a lot of mods installed (100+) but the log file is only of the test with just reposoft folder +MM. Thankyou for all the hard work!
  3. Mine is a bit over a hundred. The real challenge for mine is that I have a few overhaul mods installed at once I'm trying to make at fancy
  4. Do you see any foreseeable incompatibilities out there? This mod looks great but if it doesn't work with kerbalism (for me), I think I'll have to sit aside
  5. I also think a lot of the mods that make IVA useful and useable should be stock. even raster prop monitor
  6. This would actually be fantastic as a learning tool and could be implemented in a way that goes from the stock (action group) system, to an advanced middle ground (conditional groups) to expert (KOS)
  7. I would like to see mods like ResearchBodies, ScanSAT, and TST. They don't add much complexity, but they do add to the sense of discovery in the game and give a purpose to a polar satellite and orbiting telescopes. I would love implementation of kerbalism science! I can see why other things wouldn't go well though. The contreversal point I'd like to say is that I think N-body orbital mechanics would be a sound additional to KSP 2. If you think back, putting your fist satellite in orbit was hard but you figured it out and now no that it's not just burning up but also sideways. For long time players, N-body mechanics will add this back to the game without making the game harder for beginners. Infact, it technically makes the deltaV requirements slightly less.
  8. Rebutting some points here. There are a lot of mods that add these things to the background and during time warp without much overhead or a drop in frame rates. The only mod I've seen that can't handle high time warp is Principia and that's only at the modded in higher timewarps of BetterTimeWarp. (Off the Top of my head Interstellar Extended, Kerbalism, and Background recourse monitor all add this complexity back for unloaded or timewarping vessels) Also, IMO, the new things added by the game will be limited in there use. A lot of the new engines don't work in atmosphere, a lot of the new parts don't even fit on the ground. You have to use all the previous parts to build up to these new parts. It looks like what they have won't be really useful for anything that isn't gigantic. Also, I'm excited for different forms of propulsion. They are going for the Near Future vide so I can't see it being overpowered. They won't be too complicated either, we already have nuclear engines, Aerospikes & Rapier engines that are only slightly closer to the realm of possibility than what they are proposing. Hell, engines like the nuclear pulse engine would be a reality if we weren't worked about our planet or breaking treaties. Disclaimer: (edit) not a proficient coder so that fist part is more of a question. I know coding but have developed nothing so take my words with a grain of salt
  9. Thanks for a great mod! I was wondering if you could remove the collision effects from walking kerbals.
  10. Is there a way I can retroactively hide the planets? Idk why, but I just realized all my planets are already discovered.
  11. A bit off topic, but is this a full time gig for you? Its crazy how it seems you and a few other modders are basically keeping everything afloat. Thanks for all the hard work!
  12. Adding on to @SoRobby's question, Does this mod work with mods like ScrapYard and Kerbal construction time?
  13. I don't think the stock props work with FAR either. at least ive had little to no thrust while using them.