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  1. I've returned to KSP after not touching it since 1.05, only to discover that my usual early plane (3 ton tail dragger) is impossible to take off because the basic landing gear bounces like a possessed rat. What do the spring/damper/friction settings actually do and how does one go about using landing gear these days so it actually works? Apologies if this is the infamous 1.10 wheel bug I heard mentioned, a quick cruise through the forums revealed no obvious answers.
  2. No. Stock KSP needs to be accessible for its level of complexity. Stock life support means both that players suddenly need to worry about yet another thing that doesn't add to gameplay and the seat strapped to a booster long range missions are no longer viable. Anyone with enough brain capacity to juggle LS in addition to putting heavy things in orbit can figure out how to install mods. Its the same deal with aerodynamics, for a short while KSP had a more accurate atmosphere and flight and then the soup came right back. Not everyone enjoys playing a game where planes can't take off at 40m
  3. Changing terms to perikee and apo-ehh-mee and apodee, apolee, etc. is a pointless complexity that doesn't add anything of value to the game. Changing spheres of influence in ksp isn't nearly as difficult as in real life where only a few craft have left earth's orbit
  4. Sooo when the Apollo mission flew from the earth to the moon, and at some point reached a gravity minimum, presumably the capsule came to a stop while approaching said minimum and never actually flew past. Oh and as for the mod, in how KSP works, all you need is a simple model and a simple animation module that you program to give whatever answer you want.
  5. most of my early career minmus missions involve pushing for a deorbit burn
  6. I doubt single vessel physics will be multi-threaded, this will require some sort of part clustering to shuffle segments of a ship between cores. And this in turn requires of a major enough rework of the mess of parts flying in close formation that a ship is now, and I don't recall dev notes bringing anything like that up. 2 vessels on the other hand are separated and can be calculated on different cores.
  7. lag is the reason I am a fan of mods that add giant multi-purpose parts (like B9). I can build a large enough space station for it to be bigger than anything I'd like to dock, while having small enough combined part counts to have frames cycles faster than hand drawn pictures.
  8. a large enough asteroid (diameter greater than about 2Km) will be moving so fast it'll go through the atmosphere without hardly slowing down. Then again I'm not sure it said asteroid was placed in "rest" above the atmosphere
  9. I have a problem: My barely going space program got a science around KSC contract is asking me to do quark bio activity. That's tech some 4-5 nodes down the line. The rest of the experiments make sense given the tier 1 or 2 experiments I have access to, but the station science ones make no sense at all. I'm running the SETI tech tree so the space station related nodes have been moved far up tree, I suspect there's compatibility issues here.
  10. a quick suggestion: try landing said ship on a different biome, like the launchpad without clamps. what does the science say then?
  11. a dish on the other side to receive the signal? running out of power at night? space pirate gremlins ate your cables? I suspect you forgot something like a screenshot of the probe in question
  12. F.A.R. kerbal joint reinforcement remote tech stockalike station part expansion stock part revamp in that order of importance
  13. I've encountered a couple of issues with the contracts. -While flying a research base to the golden pyramid I found out that the waypoint hovers about 10m above the surface, making it impossible to actually arrive at the right location with a horizontally designed craft. -Some of the crafts require a module data transmitter (stock antenna). Remote Tech uses its own transmitter module and disables the stock one. Any chance for a compatibility patch?
  14. I'm running KSP with half res textures and ATM and most mod icons (both toolbars) are a fuzzy mess. Is there a way to fix that? Can't really switch to full res textures because I've got too many mods installed, also potato calculator for a computer.
  15. I'm not sure if there's a guide for this but here follows: I'm attempting to land a plane by the pyramids, problem is touchdown speeds are around 100m/s (using FAR here, no soup). How does one land a plane on rough-ish ground and how should I design the landing gear? -Tricycle landing gear is not too stable at touchdown because any sideslip causes the plane to tip over. -tail dragger is very stable until I try to brake then it nosedives into the ground.
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