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  1. Which resource pack? Doesn't seem to be working here now either. Fuel Cell is "running" but EC is not generated, and resources are not consumed. UPDATE: Nevermind. Doesn't work if containers are full and you forgot to set it to dump excess.
  2. Hey Chris. Just wanted you to know that you and your mods are awesome! Take as long as you need. I consider RC one of my absolute essential mods, and frankly, 1.11 without it and a couple other essentials, is still enjoyable, but barely. One really does get addicted to the good stuff. People ask you about updates because they appreciate the value of your mod on their playthroughs. And because they miss your mod until it's updated, they're anxious for it. Yours is the kind of mod so good for KSP that people (me included) literally can't wait to get it as soon as a shiny new version comes
  3. I actually only (re-)started RO/RP1 play recently and was doing my setup. I've some of your other mods installed on my "normal KSP" build and trust you so much that I just installed the two "companion" mods outright once I saw them. I don't even know if they are needed. But I would prefer to just have your mods and not even have to know. But alright; I guess I'll remove NF companion for now, play a bit of a temporary career just to get the feeling of RO things back, and wait for your patch. The real/serious career can wait. No problemo, amigo! Take your time and do your excellent work as
  4. Sure thing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lZ0dfWBRgPp84N91XUQwzdidgEmlZeiU/view?usp=sharing
  5. Getting the fatal error message on startup, and these little fellas in the log file: Here be the full log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZEOOou1AxOCLXFiX6qnS59N4iIdXyfoE/view?usp=sharing (NOTE: I decided to 7zip it because the thing is 30MB raw )
  6. @Lisias I seem to be lucky a lot of times then, because I get this "halfway" effect regularly! Specially with mirroring of scaled parts! So yea, can confirm! (and sorry, forgot to mention it in my initial but-reporting post; was not even sure the problem was with TS back then) Actually... *loads KSP and does some testin based on rememberance*... I even know how to reproduce this! Anywhere before step 3) Make sure any kind of mirroring is on. 1) Select tank. 1.1) Drop tank "ghost" without attaching it. 2) Scale tank (ghost) UP. 3) Attach tank. 3.
  7. TS doesn't seem to be working correctly for copied Monoprop tanks. Resource scales fine for first/original part, but gives the original amount on copies (ALT+Drag on original) scaled up or down. Before I go on a massive journey to investigate this further, can anyone confirm if this is happening only for me (ie mod conflict of some kind) or is an issue for everyone?
  8. I second that. Not to discredit the efforts of other contributors and mod-maintainers (@micha, I'm looking at you in this case. Thank you! I'd love to see you fix this if you can!), but, @linuxgurugamer has earned a reputation on this community for fast and reliable revivals/maintenance/parenting of would-be-dead mods for a reason. I have seen...works of dubious quality...let's put it like that...of other contributors. I have never seen that in a patch from linux. He ain't perfect; but when mistakes did/do happen, they were/are not from lack of effort or for looking at the mods' so
  9. Agreed and made the changes. In order to keep the mod name consistent to it's folder, also changed the name of the mod in general to RealChute Material Extensions. Thanks for the feedback! As for ZylonBallute and it's specificHeat value, I imagine it should be real, but I can't know if it is in fact real. I'm not the author and don't know his process or reasons there, and have no idea what "Zylon" is, as a material. As such, I can't have any meaningful recommendations. It depends entirely on what you want in your KSP experience.
  10. I'll just be making more materials available. If they will be viable for supersonic or not will depend entirely on the materials themselves. Either way, if you're talking about my sub-mod, that is a discussion to be had there instead of here, so that we don't bloat the main RealChute's thread with stuff related to a sub-mod. Pretty sure you can just change (or even add[?]) the texture references (to be) used. Take a look at ..YourKSPInstallDirectory\GameData\RealChute\Materials\TextureLibrary.cfg
  11. Got it! Thanks for helping me get to know the little details of modding in KSP guys!
  12. Ok! Missed those little details; thought just having a license in the SpaceDock page was enough. Thanks for the info! I'll include the license here and on the mod folder in just a moment! EDIT: Done! Also, thanks for the support!
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