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  1. How's joystick compatibility so far, has it been fixed yet?
  2. So, still no proper joystick support I assume?
  3. It would be nice to have some form of communication like, say, what the factorio devs did, the friday update. The game was released in a state that, well, it shouldn't have beem it's even lacking basics like proper joystick support, which, well, that kind of shocked me. And yeah, I get it, it's early access, I remember when I had bought KSP1 when it was still only 15$ and wasn't available on steam. I'm not stranger to EA, but even that release had joystick support. It would go a long way to sate people to get things like weekly dev logs, or things like that
  4. At this point, seems like this is going to be a necessity, I've been looking at the code and I can't seem to figure it out. Anyone with more experience want to take a shot at it?
  5. Having looked at it uses dotpeek, it doesn't seem to be fully implemented, but the base code is there, they're obviously going to make it, and they did state as much
  6. I'm just hoping they're going to release the API documentation before mod support is actually released. And I REALLY hope they communicate things, I get it, it's the weekend after release, they need the weekend off. But I do hope we get at least weekly dev updates
  7. THing is, all these mod loaders will be obsolete when the official mod support is released , I'm not overly worried about splitting the community with the two modloaders even if that wasn't the case, since you can actually have an abstraction layer between one of them to use the other tl;dr; Once official mod support is out, it'll all be moot
  8. I wonder if someone can re-create advanced fly by wire for this. The stock input manager is woefully inadequate
  9. Very much agreeded. It'll be better to stick to bepinex, or possibly make this a plugin for bepinex as an abstraction layer
  10. It might not be as easy as you think. Increase the offset from the plane and I bet you'll have a bunch of floating scatters. Could use the planet's surface as a culling plane, that might work
  11. Is that a "No never" or a. "Just wait until the game is released and has proper mod support why don't you" Edit: durrr I'm an idiot, I just saw your post, yeahg, it's kind of silly to request mods when we don't even know what the modding API will look like
  12. Screensaver mode! Add a button that will hide the menus when on the main menu so you can just have the background running. THe menu re-appears when any keyboard or mouse button is pressed
  13. Is there underwater terrain in KSP2? Would be nice to have buoyancy calculations and ballast, that's for sure
  14. I just hope they allow for far more inputs than KSP1 (Maxed out at 16 buttons, and something like 4 axis)
  15. No one disagrees that its spacedock's fault for not renewing their certs, just that there needs to be better error handling on CKANs side, any error turns into a hardcrash, at least add some way to avoid the error until; better handling is implemented, its likely my biggest issue with CKAN, the error handling is just awful
  16. I have a couple suggestions for CKAN. Add an option to ignore SSL/TLS cert errors, mostly because spacedock.info doesn't auto re-new its certs, but is handy for other things, current implementation just breaks CKAN when there's no valid SSL forcing a restart of the program, which is a fairly major bug. And a far more complex suggetion, a new way of handing addons that were installed externally As it stands, CKAN doesn't play well when you've already downloaded something, I suggest when it detects a file already exists, it compares the MD5 for the existing file and what it's overwriting, if all files match, it adds the addon to the list of installed addons with no further user input. If they don't, give the user an option to overwrite or skip, instead of the current implementation of halt everything
  17. I would still say adding the capability to set the zero point for inputs would be nice, this way you can do things like have 2 different flight modes eg. one mode throttle behaves normally, another mode behaves more inline for docking where 50% is zero
  18. Interesting issue with using the X52's throttle with this mod, it only detects the upper half of the throttle movement, due to the throttle being read -1 -> 1, 0 on the throttle axis is 0 throttle. Perhaps add a way to set the origin point for axis bindings? Never mind, its fixed by calibrating it
  19. So far the only thing that seems to be broken is CKAN thinks its incompatable
  20. No need, I figured out what caused it, nothing else screwed up, completely my fault Did that, works flawlessly, still grabbed a readme because, dammit, I like ascii art
  21. I have a bit of an oddball issue, CKAN is detecting my KSP to be version 7.0.5, which, as you may be able to tell, is wrong. Any ideas on how to fix it, no idea what caused it EDIT: Found the reason, something overwrote the readme.txt. Can someone maybe send the newest readme my way....
  22. I love how just a few hours later 1.1 was released
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