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  1. Then maybe it was the 1.0 feature list I was remembering. I know I saw it somewhere for a new version.
  2. I'm trying to remember, and it's totally slipping my mind. That's just the part that stuck out and caught my attention for some reason. Sometimes I get new hype release "I HOPE VERSION X.X.X WILL BRING XXXX TO KSP!" confused with actually announced features in the dense soup of my memory, but I'm pretty sure I didn't with this one.
  3. I believe I saw somewhere that 1.1 is going to increase buoyancy to a more realistic level... That would be interesting.
  4. I generally only take the yaw ability away from things that aren't vertically mounted. I tend to design planes with gull-wings, or wings angled slightly horizontally... and having all those control surfaces try and create a yaw effect usually results in disaster.
  5. I use whatever comes to mind. It can be as not-a-word as "Huphorah" or as dumb as "Fish taco" and anything in between. Some other notable craft I have deployed since I began playing are: The Bad Idea (was coincidentally involved in the save-file-corrupting catastrophe on the surface of the moon as Fish Taco) A Flying Banana Wudgeclix Prime Bing dn ÇÂpá´‰s sᴉɥʇ JJ the Jet Plane Urmung etc. etc. The debris that collects in LKO is certainly worth a good chuckle looking at all the names.
  6. I need to download this and replace the original sound file with this one. Definitely going to do that tonight.
  7. I wonder how many Macintosh Classic processors it would take in parallel (if you could even do such a thing) to run KSP even marginally well. I was just messing around with mine the other day...
  8. I really really like making micro-sized space probes and landers, so I'm going to say 0.625m! (and whatever size the cubic octagonal strut is)
  9. I mean... couldn't you just turn this on it's side if infinite fuel is okay?
  10. I would like to expect that those things are coming at some point. Especially with SOME parts already getting nice make-overs.
  11. Well, it did say that the occlusion angle would be user-settable? Who knows how high of an equatorial orbit you'd need to keep comms with fuzzy occlusion, anyway! And well... if you want to send a bunch of stuff to low orbit somewhere, why not just send a small relay probe into a polar orbit, first? You'd have to do the same thing with RT... I'm definitely excited for this feature, though.
  12. I watched a launch of an Atlas 5 from the front lawn of the Kennedy Space Center visitor center last summer, it was incredible! I can't give much viewing advice, though, besides you can pretty much see it from everywhere in the area... It was during a NASA sponsored robotics competition that I was part of, too, so I got to play with robots at Kennedy Space Center AND watch a rocket launch! Great week! Earlier in the week, I had taken a tour of the launch complex, and seen the rocket sitting on the pad ready for launch And many years ago, I actually saw a shuttle launch from a highway near the area... The road was a parking lot as far as the eye could see, as people wtood on the roofs of their cars to get a batter view... And I live on the complete opposite end of the East coast, so I feel pretty lucky to have been in the area by happenstance both times (The shuttle launch was during a high-school robotics competition... Yeah I do a lot of robots...)
  13. It's going to keep happening. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_hoax "The hoax, which has since resurfaced every year from 2005 through 2015..."
  14. This book http://www.rifters.com/real/Blindsight.htm Has a pretty neat way of dealing with first-contact. I won't spoil anything for those who want to read it. It's an excellent read, too. I highly recommend it. Search the page for the text "I was the only pure spectator." if you want to skip straight to the communication bits.
  15. So sort of like an interplanetary launch-loop? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Launch_loop I'm not so sure that it would work too well over such distances... And the tolerances would have to be INSANE. "No... Jeb don't lean against the receiver coil!" *continuous explosion sound as a LARGE QUANTITY of hyper-velocity iron pellets rain down on a location about 1mm to the right of the receiving coil*
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