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  1. Does KAC work with 1.11.2? I can't seem to get it to show up... edit: got it to work by manually downloading installing. Seems like ckan doesn't have the latest version
  2. No runway destroying because you didn't land on it Also, the speed record is the SLOWEST speed displayed during the 10 second run. I saw 301.5, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong by providing timestamp of start/stop. I have added you to the leaderboard, as it is an impressive craft and I believe you are "trying" to comply with the rules, but please make sure to read the fine print for any future entries, Thanks! Super impressive! Appreciate your adherence to the "spirit" of the challenge. Are we approaching the theoretical maximum for LF power prop aircraft?
  3. A successful intact landing on the runway is a requirement and part of the challenge. This ensures aircraft are actually stable and handle well and have low enough stall speeds to land without RUD. Also adding a no parachutes for vertical descent rule, OK for horizontal decel. Also, while I beleive PRE doesn't "intend" to change physics, how do we know? Have you or anyone ever validated it? Given that it DOES directly interact with physics code. I would rather disallow it unless it is proven to have no effect. If you can't be bothered to uninstall it for the challenge, I will just add a note to your entry, assuming you provide a valid entry with a landing and everything
  4. That plane is sweet. However, no physics mods allowed (added to rules list), and you definitely did not finish with the same part count you started with
  5. Love the new parts. Some additional feedback. Fuel and EC consumption should be governed by the "current" torque and "current" RPM. It's bizarre that setting the max RPM and max torque above the current values increases consumption. Just my 2 cents, thanks!
  6. Just remember "stock parts only, stock props or rotors for propulsion only". This mean no rotary wings or other parts for propulsion.
  7. If it's propelled by the new BG props let's see it. Very nice! I think the top prop speed might just be in the low 290's. Until someone proves otherwise...
  8. Just wanted to say THANKS to the Devs!!! Ya done good.
  9. This challenge is simple. Go as fast as possible in level flight at any altitude using the new BG motors and prop parts. The spirit of the challenge is to create "realistic" (in the Kerbal universe) prop driven aircraft. This means stock parts only, stock props or rotors for propulsion only, no reaction wheels and no torque enabled, no cheaty clipping or assembly techniques. For example, you can put parts inside of structural tube, but not clipped into a fuel tank. You cannot clip 100 motors into each other, etc... Must takeoff from the runway, perform the speed run, and land on the runway, with same parts you started with. No parachutes for vertical landing, though drogue chutes for decelerating are fine... Must maintain altitude +/- 10 meters over 10 seconds for the speed run. Lowest speed value displayed will be your record. No parts or physics mods. Graphics and info mods allowed. I will maintain Electric (including Fuel Cell) and LF categories. Video or sufficient pics for evidence required, craft file may be requested for validation. Must provide craft name, claimed speed, and timestamp start and stop for speed run. I'll kick it off with my Kornier Ko 335! https://kerbalx.com/g00bd0g/Kornier-Ko-335 Leader Boards Electric Pds314 - unnamed? - 301.5 *(did not land on runway) g00bd0g - Kornier Ko 335 - 290.5 LF mystified - Barbwire Canoe - 298.6 mystified - Broad Arrow - 291.2 Frozen_Heart - Pr-1C Biplane - 150
  10. But will they function like a cyclic/swashplate in a heli?
  11. Anyone know how the pitch/yaw/roll buttons effect the props in BG? I was hoping it would act like a swashplate for a heli but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Perhaps actuation speed is too slow?
  12. Just found out about this mod from Shadowzones video. It has completely reinvigorated the game for me! It is both awesome and infuriating that a group of modders has just blown away the work done by paid professionals. Is there a way to donate?
  13. OK, not "ALL" aircraft, but quite a few military and commercial aircraft do. Purely FYI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_dumping
  14. Tried to log into the web store to update my game. Says my IP is banned , not just the webstor but all of the .com ?!
  15. Further testing is even more confusing! Fresh KSP 1.5.1 install with MHE DLC 1.5.1. Video starts with me demonstrating weird CoL behavior from a save game I copied over from my previous 1.5.1 install. Then I switch to a new save created in the fresh install, no mods, and problem is gone? Hrmmm... Original 1.5.1 install had been updated, not a fresh install. Only had a handful of mods installed through CKAN. BetterTimeWarpContinued ClickThroughBlocker Distant Object Enhancement KerbalX Mod MechJeb 2 Toolbar Controller In both instances I am in the same game install, and only change the save game I am in. Both craft were created fresh during the test, they were not saved craft. So the question is, why would the CoL behavior change between different saves in the same install/instance of KSP? It makes my brain hurt thinking about it... To be clear the video below is a virgin 1.5.1 install with MHE DLC 1.5.1 installed. No mods or anything else. I only copied my save folder from my previous install.
  16. Really? Hmmm, I really appreciate you took the time to check. I will re-install from scratch and see if I can figure out what's causing it. Thanks!
  17. No it is not, though I did have to go and double check I replicated this with the simplest plane you can build and it definitely still has the same behavior. This is a fairly significant bug, I mean, how are you supposed to properly design a plane if you can't tell the CoL?
  18. Why does the CoL marker move when adding/moving a vertical surface? Pretty sure it never did the before? Hope it's just a SPH issue and not actually applying these forces in flight.
  19. All the people who say "I've never had this problem" have never tried to land a large ship on a small body. It is utterly and totally broken. Please show me a video of successful landings and loadings, of a large ship with large landing gear on, let's say gilly. Additionally, landing gear on small aircraft are basically broken also. Combined with a ridiculously bumpy runway, early game aircraft are basically impossible to operate. Again, show me a video of a basic small aircraft, or almost any of the stock aircraft taking off and landing with reasonable behaviors. It's borked... I posted bug reports when 1.1 came out and squad literally denied the issue existed .... They did finally "confirm" one of the reports. and it's at 10% after 2.5 years. The other they claim "needs clarification". Seriously? Squads team can't load a stock aircraft and try it and see for themselves? https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9557 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9561 C'mon Squad, put on your "big boy" pants, and issue an official statement on the issue (unless it exists, I've never seen it?). At the minimum say, "yeah, there's a problem but we can't fix it". Or *gasp* maybe make an effort at least equivalent to what several mods have done to make it better.
  20. What? Where? And they better fix the landing gear or I'm getting off this train!
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