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  1. Can someone push in the right direction to get Javascript running with this add-on? The plugin protion works, but how do I get .js files to run? I tried the example but is says: "Error: Cannot find module 'krpc-node'"
  2. Oh I see. It's ollowDockingLong3, possibly others too, but I only need that one to work.
  3. It's BahamutoD's reusable fairing mod, which was abandoned a long time ago. It uses standard KSP modules so it's no custom code.
  4. Like the title says, I think it's a mod model part which causes it. I just can't figure out why. It's basically a tube docking port. Anyone one an idea why this is happening?
  5. Trying to make a reusable rocket, but fairings aren't really reusable.
  6. It's an old mod and never got out of WIP state, but it's fairly usable. The mod includes a docking ring to attach to a top stage and allows a engine to be connected inside. The 2nd part is a dockable interstagefaring which connects to the ring. It's great for for reusable rockets. The problem is the links doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have a copy lying around?
  7. It's an old thread, so sorry for posting in it. But does anyone have a copy of the ? The link in the first post seems to be gone.
  8. Found a solution: Smart Parts Continued Using conditional action group triggers to trigger the docking port when the tank is empty.
  9. After years of playing I finally found out that you can enable advanced tweakables, which is great for having the docking port in the staging. It works great as an alternative for decouplers. Though what I was hoping for is to hook 2 stages back together and then being able to fire them again, which sadly it doesn't. So here's the question, is there a way to reset a staged item to fire it again, or an other way to solve this problem?
  10. How do do I find out which name the texture has? In this case the icon for a vehicle.
  11. Is it possible to change the vehicle icons? OrbitIcons_Ship.png, ship.png and in /GameData/ChangeIcons/Default. And putting the directory locations in ChangeIcons.cfg. But none seem to work.
  12. Changed the Name to Ship.png and it still doesn't work. Maybe wrong file type or settings? Tried png and dds.
  13. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the ship icon doesn't change when I put ship.png in /GameData/ChangeIcons/Default/?
  14. Are there any mods that change map vehicle icons? Or a way I can change the color of the icons?
  15. Sorry for the lack of post, I've been too busy the passed year to even play KSP let alone work on this mod. I'm debating if I should continue or let someone else take over this mod. I'm leaning more towards someone else taking over, so if someone wants to they can.
  16. EDIT: Looked around the KSP bug tracker and it seems Unity3D requires pulseadio. Fixed it by using kspflo's pulsenomore program. Origional post: When starting KSP.x86_64 it shows a black screen and then just crashes. In therminal it says this: The player.log says this:
  17. I'm looking at the 1.1 version now to get Hullcam working on it. Edit: Uploaded a test version for 1.1 to curse: Download V0.52
  18. Why not? That was a much complexer machine.
  19. But there is 1 rule more important in manned spaceflight than any other rule: safety.