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  1. Thank you for your work! Can you update this mod for 1.2.2 please? EDIT: Sorry for replying on a old thread, but I went to the GitHub download page, and found that the v1.2 commit version works with 1.2.2. Thanks again!
  2. I am very much interested. Can you send me a copy? Thanks a bunch!
  3. Does anybody have the DockingStrut mod for 1.0? The download link in the original thread is dead. I have used it since 0.25 and it has always worked great, and don't quite like the looks of the Quantum Strut mod, much preferring the realistic look of this mod. Thanks!
  4. The resource amount in stock parts seems to not scale for me, see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/R7U3MZb.png. I scaled the Jumbo-64 tank to 3.75m but the fuel amount is still the same, and the weight increased 10t. How can I fix this? Here's my mod list: http://pastebin.com/7exWgiwC. Thanks! Edit: This seems to fix the problem.
  5. I've been using this awesome mod since 0.25, but since I updated the game to 1.0, the converters seems to stop working. When I right-click them, the menu says "Status: Deployed" or "Status: Retracted" depending on the status of the hatch, but I can't toggle the actual converter on/off, no matter what the position of the hatch is. See screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/BJWaIIP.png Is there any way to fix this? Thanks! Edit: Just found out that the problem is caused by my crew not actually controlling the ship, they are in the wrong pod. :/
  6. Bookmarked this yesterday and was waiting for 1.0 compatibility, checked today and voila! Thanks for the awesome mod!
  7. I bought the game before the Steam release, so I have to download it from the official website. I tried both the zip and exe installer, and when I add the directory to CKAN, it says not valid directory both times. How can I fix this?
  8. Awesome mod! Too bad it's not compatible with the Flare option in Distant Object Enhancements...:<
  9. I have Lazor System v32b and Robotic Arms Pack installed, the game is v0.22, but I can't find any parts, GUI or buttons, what is the problem here?
  10. The game freezes while loading, I have B9 and FAR installed. The freeze happens every time it loads this particular part: Because the game didn't actually run, so there is no crash log available When I uninstall FAR, the problem disappeared, what is wrong? - - - - - - - - - - OK I have fixed the problem myself. It's because the game is 0.22 and I have the latest version of FAR (for 0.23) installed, I switched to the older version and everything works fine! BTW, thanks for the great work!
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