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  1. Just making a suggestion here. While I can -build- aircraft, I just can't fly them worth a (obscene word). While I'm building up a nice heap of debris and dead Kerbals, I'd like to know how well my aircraft can fly, instead of making pretty fireballs near the runway...
  2. Thanks for all the the help! I get it now, what I was thinking was damage was just me doing something wrong with Mechjeb while I was trying to land a probe on the Mun. I'll check out some tutorials and see what I did wrong...
  3. I have a vague idea on why this is happening. I may have downloaded a mod that somehow introduces this effect. Sad thing is, I've been downloading mods like Brock Sampson in a Brazilian brothel on free beer and (-------) night. So, the solution is either I download a clean version of KSP (Hopefully this won't cost me any more.) or somehow find -which- mod is causing this. Any advice, one way or the other? On the gripping hand, there could be a third option, which I'm more than willing to hear...
  4. all those who replied to my post. I'll try as many of your suggestions as I can. As for posting pictures, the board says I can't, what gives? Also, how do I zoom in on an image in game? BTW, the game runs like a rusty donkey on my 'puter, should I upgrade it?
  5. ...or Almost made it... Well, I managed asparagus staging, but when I was trying to land on The Mun, my next to last stage -wouldn't- cut loose. My Flight Results window says "stack Decoupler was damaged by engine exhaust from liquid Engine 2". So, how do I solve this little problem? Do I use wider radial decouplers, longer staging delay, prayer, or a blood sacrifice to certain dark gods?
  6. Thanks! I'd signed in with the ribbon generator, but I didn't know how to get them on my sig.
  7. I got a prop orbiting Mun! Thanks to all who suggested the proper tutorials! BTW, how do I show my ribbons in my sig?
  8. And while I've got a zillion of them, here's just one. Is there a simple tutorial on how to set up orbits to the moons and other planets? I think I must have bumped into one here, but I'm not sure where. Also, would it be possible to auto-pilot, say from Kerbal orbit to Mun orbit? I can build the blessed rockets to get there, I just can't fly them worth a fleen!
  9. Nice documentary! I guess you were going for an David Attenborough sound?
  10. ...Basically, how do you get this thing to work? I'm running A Mac, OS 10.7, and KSP 20.2. I DLed MapSat, I -think- I installed it properly, then sent it to orbit. I got a fuzzy image when I started it, now nothing. Wonder what I did wrong?
  11. Thanks kindly for that tip! Guess I'll be checking out the plane section of the game...
  12. Euel


    Nice screenshot, bad landing! (I'm one to talk. My latest attempt to put a probe around Mun sent the probe -way- off course.) Well, any landing you can crawl away from is a good one. Glad to know you got Jeb back. Next time, less sideways...
  13. ...and women, and transgendered, and other life forms, and A.I.s! Bumped into a mention of KSP somewhere online, got interested, downloaded the demo, then bought the newest version a few days back. Best US$23 I've ever spent! I downloaded a few mods including MechJeb, makes getting into orbit -much- easier. (I know, I'll get some heat for not doing it the -right- way.) I have a few questions, but I'll ask them later. Have to bump up the post count past 5, so I can display my sig and avatar. Anyway, love the game. Looking forward to playing more...