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  1. Building space stations is my very favorite thing to do in KSP. This set looks AMAZING and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Looks like a nice substitute for the old TAC Fuel Balancer. It would be even nicer if a special component wasn't necessary so I could use it on existing craft out in space. Thanks!
  3. I am glad to see NavyFish and Micha have kept this plugin alive. I'm back to KSP after an absence of nearly 3 years... Now that my new computer can run it reliably, I'm learning all over again. Glad to see my guide to using this plugin are still around - I reacquired the skill thanks to the "me of 5 years ago". Keep up the good work and thanks for all the (Navy) Fish!
  4. I'm content playing a fully-stock build, as long as I have this and DPAI. Trying to balance RCS manually can sometimes get a little tricky on unusually shaped modules - this has helped me to tweak placement (and sometimes construction) just a tiny bit to make sure things handle properly when docking. Assembling space stations is much easier when I've built them with the aid of this plugin. Thanks for keeping it alive!
  5. Well, if you don't roll to the proper orientation, then your yaw and pitch commands will have to be adjusted to account for your orientation. The "A" key is not going to yaw you to the left if you are rolled 90 degrees - you'll need to work out the difference in your mind. During a docking maneuver, it's far easier just to roll to 0 degrees so the on-screen input matches what you will need to do.
  6. Thanks for fixing this - I was wondering why tried-and-true designs were doing the "rocket hula" lately.
  7. You're allowed to have fun too - just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of people who consider this their favorite rocket in KSP due to your mod and are hoping to play it again soon.
  8. If you've ever seen an actual Gemini capsule up-close in person, you wouldn't think that any more. They're smaller than a sub-compact car. You'd honestly be surprised that two people could fit in there for four days.
  9. I have noticed what appears to be an issue with the T-RP and TK-RC04B Return Parachutes. When I hover over the tooltip, the semi-deployed and fully-deployed effective diameters read 0.0 for both modes and both models. Consequently, this means that when I deploy the chute, the graphics and animation show a chute deploying - but to the game system there's nothing to cause resistance to slow the capsule, which slams into the ground and kills the crew. I am pretty sure a T-RP should normally be sufficient to slow a Khleb carrying nothing more than the two crewmen and a basic antenna (total mass 1275kg including the chute). Am I doing something wrong, or is this a genuine bug? I'm sure I can change the values in the configs but if it's a real issue I wanted to bring it to your attention. [EDIT: OK, I found an answer several pages back - deleting the partdatabase.cfg did work, just wondering why this happens now...]
  10. I'd like to see that, for the same reason. I like Tantares also, but 1.25m seems too narrow for what they do (and 2.5 of course is pointlessly large). I miss being able to use the Spud and Radish and all the fun toys here.
  11. I would also recommend moving it farther down the tech tree, as it's almost too late to be useful for its primary purpose. I have noticed another issue with it - that being how heat affects components on the outside of the capsule. I'm not talking about stuff that extends past the diameter of the heat shield, I am concerned with battery packs (or radial chutes) partially embedded into the narrower cylinder near the nose, and a parachute that is on the nose of the capsule. Often times, the parachute will burn up and be destroyed - having never been deployed and usually just before the fire effects end and the mach effects begin. There should be no reason these parts should be subjected to any re-entry heat, especially considering the ablator only loses a few points from a normal low orbit. Until I discover why this is happening, I can no longer use a capsule that may result in the death of its crew. Any ideas?
  12. No, it was specifically the Achievements. It does check against minor version number - so if you have it specified as 1.0 instead of 1.0.2, it will pop up that warning. I tried it without the Toolbar folder and got the same result. Putting a text Version file in the Achievements folder did not change that. I don't know how you have the version set in the mod - via the .dll or something? I'll try the new download and see if that behaves differently. [EDIT: Seems to load fine - whatever you did appears to have worked. Thanks!]
  13. Thanks for updating this, however I'm getting an incompatibility pop-up when launching the game. I noticed there is a 000_Toolbar folder inside the Achievements folder - I already have the latest version of Toolbar (1.7.9) installed separately. Is it possible some of the files in the download are in the wrong place?
  14. Remember that WASD only control yaw and pitch, not translation - so that texture could mislead new pilots into thinking that D would move the ship (rather than the nose) to the right. When I was starting out, I actually drew a little six-axis on a post-it with the HIJKLN directions, until it became second nature.
  15. I tried this plugin, and soon found myself with more money than I'd ever need. So I started another save without it, and after I'd accumulated a decent amount of reputation, used a strategy to start turning half of it into money. I found myself with quite enough of both after all. I'm not knocking this plugin - it will surely appeal to some, I just found it excessive and redundant in light of the Strategies.
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