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  1. How do you find your mods?

    CKAN only. I have not much time to play KSP, so I don't have time to mess with anything else.
  2. [quote name='politas']Open your exported .ckan file in a text editor and change "depends" to "recommends", and you should be able to get just the compatible mods when you install from it.[/QUOTE] Thanks! That seems to have done the trick.
  3. I'd like to copy my mod list over from my old 1.0.4 installation to the new 1.05 version. I can export the list from 1.0.4 as a ckan and try to import it using the gui in the 1.0.5 directory, but as soon as ckan sees an incompatible mod, it just stops, reporting just that mod. Is there a way to either (1) get it to ignore the incompatible ones, or (2) provide a complete list of incompatible mods (not just the first)? I tried removing the incompatible ones one by one but gave up after about five. I also tried the readme hack to claim the version was 1.0.4, but that just gives me different mods listed as incompatible, so it doesn't help. Also, in at least one case (Astronomer's Pack), I get a message that it's incompatible, but it's available to check in the installation list, which seems odd.
  4. Thanks, that seems to have done the trick! Sorry I didn't mention KK before, I didn't know which mods might be of interest and I didn't know how to list them all. (I know do know, using "ckan.exe list").
  5. Nothing like that, it was a new game, but you may be right the the save got messed up. I did some further testing with a fresh save and found that there was no problem launching from the standard KSC, but when I launched from the "old" KSC (using Kerbalside/Kerbal Konstructs, I think), I got the explosions. But in this new save, visiting the VAB first seemed to prevent the explosions. (I also opened the KK launchsite selector, maybe that helped.) I can upload the old save if you like, but there are a lot of mods so not sure how useful it would be.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, visiting the VAB doesn't help, I still get the explosion, and the lines above still appear in the KSP.log file. A new log file is here.
  7. Attempting to launch after saving a game with a , I get lots of explosions and this error: While I don't necessarily object to explosions, in this case I didn't crash anything, so here is the log file. I looked through it and there are a bunch of NullReferenceExceptions in the few seconds before the "ERROR! An error while KCT loading data occurred. Things will be seriously broken!" line. The first of these is: [EXC 19:05:12.946] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.Core.OnDestroy () I thought that might mean scatterer was the problem, but launching the ship still caused the explosions.
  8. What resolution do you play KSP at?

  9. I don't know those mods, but I once has a similar problem when uninstalling a mod (I think it was Interstellar); the mod had added a resource to all my ships, which caused them to fail to load. (KSP seems to check for missing parts and remove ships with them, but not missing resources.) So you might try reinstalling the mods you uninstalled and see if that helps.
  10. I'm seeing this too. Ubuntu 14.04, i7-4790K, 16GB, 64bit, NVIDIA 340.36 (but it also happens with 331.113). There's an SSD on the compute but KSP is on an HD. I don't think it's anything else running on the computer that's causing the problem: I tried boosting the priority to the maximum (renice -20) and still saw the stuttering. I did notice it was much less )but still present) on a new 0.90 install compared with my older heavily modified 0.23, but not sure whether it's the mods or the newer version that helps. I'll experiment more...
  11. If you're willing to add plugins, the VOID plugin provides Pe and Ap information (along with a lot of other useful information) in the HUD (heads up display).
  12. I see this too. It may be a more general bug; see this thread, which has pictures of returning to Kerbin that look much like I see in landing on Laythe with Alternis.
  13. Very odd. I can confirm I don't see that message, so I imagine that's the source of your problem. But I'm just as baffled as you as to why you should get that error. Maybe someone who knows about Unity has an idea?
  14. My script is very similar (and as previopusly reported the mod works for me), so perhaps you're having a different problem. You might try looking through the KSP.log file (which should be in /home/username/games/KSP/23/KSP_linux/) and see if you see a line that looks like this: [LOG 23:46:29.461] New tylo height loadeth (The time will be different, the "New tylo height loadeth" is the important part.) If that's there, then you've got past the problem with the home directory and we'll have to look further. On the other hand, if you see a line with IsolatedStorageException and tylo_newheight.png like this: [EXC 22:52:45.984] IsolatedStorageException: Could not find a part of the path "/home/player/GameData/AlternisKerbol/PluginData/Heightmaps/tylo_newheight.png". Then somehow that file still isn't being found (in which case the actual path you have might be a clue.)
  15. I had the same problem here, running on Linux. Looking though the log files, I found this suspicious looking line: [EXC 22:52:45.984] IsolatedStorageException: Could not find a part of the path "/home/player/GameData/AlternisKerbol/PluginData/Heightmaps/tylo_newheight.png". This is the wrong directory (the file is in the appropriate KSP_linux/GameData/... directory). Some the other textures load correctly, so it looks like the tylo_newheight.png is being loaded differently from the others, and looking at the source I see that it and some other textures are loaded with System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes. And indeed, if I run KSP directly from the KSP_linux directory, everything works. Not sure if that has anything to do with your problem, but I thought I'd mention it.