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  1. After playing with it for a bit, I managed to figure out that you CAN place decals on the side flares, and through a complex slew on rotating and sliding, I managed to get my decals centered on the front of the tank.
  2. If I attempt to place the stickers on the long balloon tank, they will not attach. If I place them on a part above, in my case the smaller atlas balloon tank, they will work. Now, if I attempt to overlap a decal by sliding it down onto the long tank, ONLY the section that overlaps disappears. It actually remains invisible even after removing the long tank from the rocket. Only after sliding the decal back up fully onto the smaller tank which it was attached to will that overlapped section be visible again. I have tried editing the the bluedog_Atlas_LongFuelTank.cfg to show the attach rule
  3. Even after doing as you said with that cfg file in my gamedata folder, I still cannot get decals to attach to the balloon tank. Even attaching them to another part and sliding them down does not work, the decals just disappear when they're over the tank. Any thoughts?
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