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  1. I know the other probes connect fine to each other. I think it might be RSS. You know how the orbits display through the ground? Part of the game seems to think the ground is 6000km high, the rest at 600km - like there is a little tiny Kerbin, way below ground, and the orbits are drawing around that. The Kerbin you see on the map is trickery. The game may think the launch transmitter is 6000km underground. Try putting a comm relay on the runway to give your probe something to connect to. They said the next update of RSS fixes the orbit display. Perhaps that will also fix RemoteTech?
  2. If you go to the map view, you can verify the location of the KSC transmitter. Look for the big red dot. If it's not on your launch location, you can move it by changing RemoteTechSettings.cfg. Just add a ground station for the Lat/Lon of your launch pad or change the existing one. If your using KerbTown, you should add an entry for each launch site.
  3. Has anyone else experienced Kraken attacks while landing on the Mun? Around 10km goes nuts and my CoG is nowhere near my ship....
  4. Not sure. Even if it doesn't, you'll just need to activate a maptraq on your ship. FYI - I've just uploaded a cfg to SpacePort to give all pods MapTraq functionality. Just remember you have to power it on in the part menu just like a maptraq.
  5. No, as long as the scanner parts are activated, they will scan. However, if you are in a another ship, the other ships won't scan unless you have another active scanner or MapTraq on yours (to get KSP to run the mod). The mapview does not have to be open.
  6. I'm not up to speed on the programming aspects, but you may be able to get some idea of the function calls by looking at the Kethane mod code. It overlays a hex grid on the KSP mapview, so it should give you everything you need. Also I recommend you put the Scansat map overlay BENEATH the Kethane map overlay. It's transparent and everyone is begging to see both at once.
  7. A few of additional suggestions: 1. Add something to show if it's on or off (switch to a radio button?). You can't tell it's on until it actually starts adjusting your engines. It can be frustrating when I wanted it OFF. 2. It tends to mess up ships that are already stable (balanced, no turning needed). I've crashed a number of times because it destabilized my ship. If you tell us a little more about the algorithm you use, we can offer some suggestions. 3. Release notes when you update the mod. When the changes aren't obvious, you want the users to know what's changed so they can try it out. 4. Spellcheck: 'Toggle' 5. Save the settings state with each spacecraft. The engine thrust is saved since you used the tweakable, but your actual mod settings are not. Many of us jump between ships often and we can't use the same settings for every ship (incl on/off). Great work so far!
  8. I've also seen this problem. In my case, it was cause by two parts clipping each other slightly. I've never seen it carry over to other designs, though.....
  9. I just ran into this as well. Some of my reaction wheels kept toggling between enabled and not enough electric. It didn't cause any issues until I tried to run a probe that only had the okto for reaction wheels and use MechJeb. It worked fine manually, but mechjeb kept reseting it's turn every time the power cycled, so it couldn't maneuver at all. It did this consistently across multiple craft. I stumbled across the fix by accident. It seems to be that KSP is confused about which pod is in control. I hit control from here on a part (any part) and the issue disappeared.
  10. You can always skip the part requirement. In MissionController, they had a few placeholder missions that you could use for other purposes. Just specify the orbit and let the player choose the parts. That way the mission can be played whether you have ScanSat or ISA MapSat or simply stock. Just make sure the reward is high enough to pay for the ScanSat parts.
  11. MapTraq ONLY lets you view the map. The Radar Alt is providing you the low red grayscale. I'm assuming your third scanner is the Multispectral which only detects anomalies and Biomes. If you want High-Res altimetry, you need the SAR. As Bananadealer [fixed] said, each has a different range. They aren't published anywhere, so you need to look at the part.cfg for each scanner to see the proper orbit.
  12. New is a relative term. I'm a little behind on my playing.....
  13. I'm having some issues with Sunburn. I got my closest approach to 100km with no result. Then I got my entire orbit to under 1000km and still no result. All the other achievements have been working fine except this.
  14. It's just a different way of doing things. SCANsat does have a few strengths over ISA. For instance: You can run multiple mapping satellites at a time where ISA can only scan from the active ship. SCANsat has a variety of scanners to meet your needs while ISA only have one. The ISA interface is sleeker, but I think SCANsat's is more functional. I've got both installed. I usually use SCANsat, but ISA has had some new updates lately so I experiment with it as well.