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  1. That's great news! Glad to hear they'll still be included, cube maps are super important for RSS sized planets. Also loving what you were mentioning about how the 2d cloud maps can be used as a probability map for 'sub' cloud formation, I think this method should work much better on larger scales and give more control. Also that gif looks unbelievably good, I already thought the volumetrics looked amazing!
  2. I guess I really only looked at DCS, MSFS and Star Citizen to be fair, but yeah MSFS just hard cuts them off before the horizon, and I guess as mentioned here Star Citizen just uses a massive noise scale. This makes sense, I guess you'd be running two cloud setups in paralel and switch between so at least double the performance cost. But I'm definitely keen to tinker around with the values once it's available! I was wondering; would these volumetrics be compatible with the older 2D cloud detail maps that include transparency that I had been using for RSS? And also with the 6x 8x8k global cloud cube maps? Jool should make a great experimentation area for larger scale and SS volumetrics for sure! Can't wait to see what you can come up with!
  3. Ah gotcha, I spent some time looking at volumetric from orbit in other games and can see what you mean about the repetition. Probably won't be possible - but I wonder if one could gradually increase the scale you mention with distance, and how that might look? If it was possible that might allow you to have a smooth transition from high detail clouds when close to larger scale cloudlets on the horizon from orbit? Again I haven't the faintest clue how the system works under the hood so forgive my ignorance on this subject Assuming this would just be to complex or impossible to implement
  4. Understood, yeah from my experience the switch to SS always seemed messed up visuals on most mods in one way or another. Was just imagining how incredible 3d anvil heads might look on the horizon from orbit, especially with shadows and sun light extinction. I'd be curious to see how the distance to render scales the quality of the cloudlets, I know you mentioned temporal upscaling and blurring. I'm assuming it just approximates from a larger sample of the cloud map, which I guess means the transition from 3d voluetrics to the 2d cloud layer could more or less be done by just fading our the voluemtrics into the 2d layer, I'd imagine this could probably look good especially at a distance.
  5. Not gonna lie, as soon as this goes public I was gonna try loading it into RSS, I guess RSS is at my core and I can't help striving to pull visual mods into Earth. I had was wondering about the performance too, as typically doing this results in an equivalent performance hit, but having seen you images it looks like a ton of clouds already being rendered to beyond the horizon with great performance! Quick question: I may have seen a screen shot way back but wasn't sure if it was PQS or SS, just wondering if this method for volumetric rendering can pass over into ScaledSpace too while remaining 3d? Again, needless to say, amazing work dude
  6. So happy you have plans for rain! That's epic! Also yeah it'd be insanely computationally expensive and over complicated I think. Amazing work again, can't tell you how much I appreciate your awesome work here @blackrack
  7. I have also been having a recurring dream where I imagine kerbal weather mod feeding into the Dev volumetric clouds creating global and dynamic clouds with wind, up drafts and storms all occuring naturally
  8. @blackrack Bro I've been out of this game for years but just saw a Reddit post with the volumetric clouds and was thinking it had to be photoshopped, followed the links back here and my jaw is on the ground. Bravo sir, this is honestly mind blowing, Ive just been sat here waiting for ksp 2 to eventually drop not realize the pure wizardry you're doing
  9. Hi there, if you haven't already gone ahead, you're welcome to do so! Sorry I've been very much absent from the modding game for a long time
  10. Hi thanks, yeah i kinda gave up as there are so many features involved which have game breaking bugs without additions to the tools used to run this mod. I figured I'd wait until the next game to work on a similar mod
  11. Just a heads up, AFAIK 128k textures are not currently possible in the game engine, I had 128k terrain textures setup for rve64k but found it wasnt possible to render above 8k tiles in KSP, else I would've attempted 128k
  12. This is due to RVE64k not having scatterer atmosphere shaders setup for those planets yet, it's not the fault of Scatterer, EVE or any other mod. This is why on the front page of RVE64k is says the mod only supports Earth Currently
  13. I am having this exact issue too, I assumed initially it was an issue with the mode being for control and not servo as it was most noticable here but it turns out it is always causing the same frame drop whenever the servos are moving unfortunately. The control mode sounds absolutely amazing, hopefully I can figure a fix for this so I can get my SN8 flaps working! I am on 1.9.1, to be fair, and a heavy mod install. Unfortunately I couldn't see anything in the debug about this. full album for anyone interested https://imgur.com/gallery/yW5bZfS
  14. Hey all, So I'm wondering what the feasability of having terrain scatters is. IIRC I've never seen them in RSS since RSS was created, Is this some limitation of Kopernicus? I would love to add back some ground detail to the game. Looking through the configs I can't find anywhere mentioning scatters in PQS Land Control
  15. Have only really been working with earth so far, I have noticed this on the other planets though, although I'm pretty sure it'd be an easy fix
  16. @Katniss218 What would it take to add collitions for the land model that covers the large area? I'm assuming it needs an entirely new collider mesh? Or might it just be a setting to change it?
  17. I too am having major issues building anything that can move under water in 1.9.1 with FAR, Like you say it's almost impossible to get it moving underwater but once it does it's like all the drag is removed and it moves normally. I read through some earlier comments that said the FAR water model was changed a while back to give it much higher drag to make it more deadly to planes landing/crashing in the sea, I guess unfortunately this means it's now impossible to make subs. I've looked through the config and can't find anything that appears to address the drag model in water. If anyone know a work around other than just not using FAR for underwater shenanigans please let me know!
  18. That's epic, it would seem the heavy strickery I did on memory reduction made quite a difference RVE64k, Scatterer, TUFX (post processing effects)
  19. Some testing in 1.9.1: https://imgur.com/a/JMuaGt5
  20. OK.. so holy Moley.. This is honestly something else, I rigged this up inmy RVE64k - ksp 1.9.1 test build and got it all working. With a sprinkle of ocean tweaking and TUFX postProcessing this is honestly hard to believe it's from KSP.. LET ALONE KSP RSS.. I flew around the area a few times in a simple test plane and omfg, I can't get enough, this screens do not do the ingame visuals justice. Obligatory screen spam inbound: full Album: https://imgur.com/a/JMuaGt5 OK.. now to catch my breath
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