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  1. Wow, looks incredible! Um what mod are those ion engines and solar panels from etc? Really want to try and build some of the stuff in that album! Edit: Guessing its from your near future tech mod right? Looks like they go well together!
  2. Wow, amazing work this mod looks phenomenal! Best part was almost your installation guide though, wish all mods had one which was that easy to follow!
  3. Wow, I'm back after about a year and what you have done with the shuttle is very impressive!! all the little details such as a working hatch and the RCS covers make this shuttle so much better!! The only thing I can think of now is a working Canadarm!
  4. Is this still being worked on? or just updated so it is compatible with each new KSP update?
  5. Hmm its a bit to early to tell really as I'm betting it will all change before release... but things arnt looking good. I dont really know how they could get it to run much better without starting to tear the game down a bit, or have part limits.
  6. I slowly upgraded my PC but rarely play KSP any more, I really enjoyed The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider Current PC: i5 4690K @ 4.4Ghz 16GB RAM GTX 980 Ti GTX 650 (PhysX card)
  7. Sometimes when I use the offset tool the part I'm moving makes jumps sideways in the VAB? Its makes the offset tool completely useless as there is no way to fix it and it seems to happen randomly. It seems that once I get this bug with a particular craft it will never go away. This is literally breaking the game for me as I cant build some ships without it.
  8. What happened to Mike? is he coming back to this mods?
  9. I tried this at one point but lost track quickly, when I get into KSP more again (64 bit released) I will probably use the STS naming scheme for shuttle launches at least.
  10. I got a Oneplus One too and its the best phone I have ever had. Screen is great camera is amazing and its also very cheap!
  11. How is the ascent longer? Did you make the engines less powerful and add more fuel?
  12. Specs: OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: i5-4690K CPU overclocked to 4Ghz (completely stable, been at that speed for about a year now) RAM: 16GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (refrence, not overheating) SM: 30 (Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dum.dll]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, RGB565, Default, DefaultHDR, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8 http://pastebin.com/PsuT6SPM
  13. Just updated to Nvidias new drivers and now I'm getting 20 FPS????? Been changing all the Vsync options (Tried using Gsync as I have a monitor which uses it) Cant find a fix?? Any help, I'm certain its not mods.
  14. Can we have the camera set to the windows of the mission control center so we can see rockets launch from there?
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