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  1. Will the new terrain system support/have overhangs and sharp edges (unlike the current game where everything is smoothed out and for the most part is purely height-based)? Thanks for doing this!
  2. Not sure if anyone else has done this already: I reprojected what's presumably the WIP KSP2 flight UI from the Developer Story trailer (https://youtu.be/2wmJlnTqjSg?t=184 time 3:04) to 16:9 and tried to color-correct it to match the few screenshots we got. Without color correction: With color correction: My guesses from left to right: Throttle Navball; bottom right is presumably heading based on three-digits and what appears to be a degree symbol. Maneuver node Gizmo or SAS modes or both? Underneath that is likely the SAS/RCS indicator panels based o
  3. Is it possible to make landing-only sites that have a recovery factor attached? Apologies if I have missed this information.
  4. This may already be known, but the included PDF does not reflect Lili's SOI change.
  5. Hello. So I just stumbled over this thread and went through it, and I must say, you did some amazing work here arc5555. Thanks for keeping this alive for others and regularly updating. So I was planning on building one of these myself. Upond reading through this thread someone stumbled over a problem with different image sizings. You mention that in the top post too. Now I understand, that these images are different sizes. But what I don't get is, what the correct scaling is. Are these all in-scale to each other, so if I copy a part from one thing to another, they are in scale? Or are they all
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