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  1. Will the new terrain system support/have overhangs and sharp edges (unlike the current game where everything is smoothed out and for the most part is purely height-based)? Thanks for doing this!
  2. Not sure if anyone else has done this already: I reprojected what's presumably the WIP KSP2 flight UI from the Developer Story trailer (https://youtu.be/2wmJlnTqjSg?t=184 time 3:04) to 16:9 and tried to color-correct it to match the few screenshots we got. Without color correction: With color correction: My guesses from left to right: Throttle Navball; bottom right is presumably heading based on three-digits and what appears to be a degree symbol. Maneuver node Gizmo or SAS modes or both? Underneath that is likely the SAS/RCS indicator panels based on location and text, but it's very hard to read. Orbit/Surface/Target velocity mode Presumably velocity and underneath that, it appears to read G-Force, so presumably acceleration meter Play/Pause symbol, so time warp as a slider? Underneath that presumably clock Altitude based on red unit marker in the last digit, above that potentially vertical velocity, below that altitude above terrain or atmospheric pressure maybe? Unsure. Another switch control like seen for the velocity modes over on the left with two options, can't read what the text next to it says. Unsure. Vessel/Map mode switch based on icons and "View" underneath. Based on icon fuel-related, potentially the toggle for the Resources panel? Can't see the panel itself though. Might be low-fuel indicator warning or similar? Presumably staging. There appears to be m/s Delta-V numbers in each box. Stage number appears to be in top-right corner of the panel, green outline appears to indicate the stage that will be fired next with a marker for all stages at the bottom. Symbol in bottom-right of stage that is yet to be fired appears to be part type indicator; engine on stage 1, parachute on stage 2. There's another icon on the top left as well as a horizontal bar for the inactive stages; could be graphical indicator of Delta-V/fuel remaining? Unsure. In general the layout looks a lot more cockpit-style and minimalist and less video-game-style. Personally, I think I like it. Of course this is all subject to change so by the time the game releases it could all be completely different. Thoughts?
  3. Is it possible to make landing-only sites that have a recovery factor attached? Apologies if I have missed this information.
  4. This may already be known, but the included PDF does not reflect Lili's SOI change.
  5. Hello. So I just stumbled over this thread and went through it, and I must say, you did some amazing work here arc5555. Thanks for keeping this alive for others and regularly updating. So I was planning on building one of these myself. Upond reading through this thread someone stumbled over a problem with different image sizings. You mention that in the top post too. Now I understand, that these images are different sizes. But what I don't get is, what the correct scaling is. Are these all in-scale to each other, so if I copy a part from one thing to another, they are in scale? Or are they all scaled to the paper size? Thanks, PistonMiner.