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    GIF Wars!

    Spiderman escapes with his dancing skills
  2. I use my mind-control powers and commands him to attack the next person.
  3. I recycle the charred base into a new hill and build a small hut on it. My hill with a small hut.
  4. I just landed my rover on the mun and drove to my surface base. Then i realised my wheels are stuck like this: Any of you have a solution on it?
  5. Nice! I thought of a screw first, but didnt find a way to do it.
  6. It is possible! I made some modifications to the frame and made a ''elevevator'' EDIT 1: removed non-working link and added pictures instead. Also using docking ports for pick and drop tasks.
  7. This is my concept for a ''moving'' crane. It uses two parts, a frame and a ''engine''. Please help me and make a use of this! Download: https://www./folder/0zq2s3b8ei848/Crane_Concept
  8. Hi! I was messin' around in KSP the other day and started thinking about what kinetic energy my ship would actually produce at max velocity. So i wonder, would anyone be nice and help me by calculating the KE. ( i do not understand the formula with my basic math degree ) So what i have is the mass and the maximum velocity. Velocity = 1181.8 m/s or 4254,48 km/h (not sure if right, my math is not that good ) Mass = 1.04 tons or 1040 kilos. Hopeful for answers!
  9. may i try and modify this to work in a spaceship?
  10. Hello! I just worked out a challenge , mainly focused on the ''Unlimited Fuel'' debug. CHALLENGE! - Highest crash speed wins. RULES! - No cheaty engines or similar stuff, only pure stock. - No mods/plugins that remove/change air resistances. - Command pod most survive. ENTRY! -Submit your speed and a photo of the vessel to enter. - Score is calculated in this way: X = basic score Y = Parts that survived. X+Y= SCORE Have fun lithobraking!
  11. KILL IT WITH FIIIIIIIIIRRRREEEEE!!! Why have a small spider, when you can have a Titan. TITANFALL!