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  1. I'm not a noob, I just can't install Steam everywhere I want to play the game!
  2. I DON'T USE STEAM... NOOOOO, update the website Squad!
  3. So wait they all die??? Who did Val replace? Bob?
  4. They are just hyping... I mean hoping!
  5. About 90% of all my posts are in this thread.
  6. Indeed it was until today. We shattered it and we are still trucking
  7. I can't remember having this much fun WAITING for a game to come out. I'm slightly glad it hasn't released yet, 500 was epic.
  8. 89 pages until we DOUBLE the previous Hype Train...
  9. I can see the stop ahead, don't slow down lets blow right by 500!
  10. Wow, picking up more HYPE, keep it going!
  11. The pizza place didn't accept credit cards
  12. I feel like they are toying with us. Maybe noon their time?
  13. I love when multiple pages span 1 minute of posting... This is truly ludicrous.
  14. Ok, now we know why they never give us release dates. Because we shut everything down with HYPE!
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