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  1. Guys, first, im so sorry about not supporting the previous versions as well as I should. I lost my files during a computer "meltdown", I do plan on putting up all the versions I have up on spacedock and CKAN as soon as I have a chance and am back to KSP.
  2. hey there - no, I have not had a chance to. RL has gotten in the way again - for now Im focusing on testing out a mesh merge in unity (possibly fixing the performance issues without having to create new models), and starting to make the C glass versions for the MK1 pits.
  3. If you can make a proof of concept that would be amazing, Im not a modeler but would love to test it out in game! I love this idea!
  4. Thats a great point ckirky, I would say that would be up to the player to figure out how many of the decks can be used, etc. given the waterline. Also perhaps there are some other parts out there that can adjust the boyancy of the ship in order to keep the waterline at the level desired. I for one would prefer having the decks + your awesome ideas of the vehicle ramp and deal with the waterline.
  5. Thats great to hear, Im just looking for premade decks that I can then attach my layout to - could be simple as hell and just add a couple of floors and a few holes and Ill be done.
  6. Hi Laythe! Great Mod! I was wondering if you would consider making some of the hull parts with prebuilt decks? This could just be some simple hollow parts with a couple of ramps or holes to allow for the kerbals to move around (with ladders or what not) - same access to the top deck would be awesome! Maybe evan one part with a big hollow cargo container to place other vessels, etc. (just trying to mimize the part count and have those structures pre-built. Example: I am trying to make some long term exploration vessels and need to manually build all the
  7. Yeah - I saw that, I am testing it with less props, the issue (visually speaking is the non functional displays on the stock IVA - they really bother me.
  8. Hi Deimos, prior to 6.0 (in developement now, navutils was recommended, but not required - I didnt make use of its prop), the dev version requires it. I'll upload the previous version to github or another site (and add CKAN support as well)
  9. Hi there, thank you Yeah I wish I could use that A pillar, but there is a camera collider there in the model, and I haven't gotten around to look into replacing it. I am eagerly looking to get those new props into my IVAs!
  10. Not at the moment mate. Im focusing on the aircraft pits first, almost done on those, and will take a stab at the command pods - mind you there are some spectacular mods already out there with those IVAs.
  11. Thanks mate - I was thinking of requesting one of my prop arrangements to be converted into a single prop/model, that should reduce it from 2300 to less than 500 or so. I'll look into the profiling options as well. Exactly my thinking!
  12. Thank you guys, My only issue remaining from the flight tests is performance, with 2300 props, the IVA flight becomes sluggish, I will need to see about combining possibly several props into single models, etc... Glad to know you guys like the layout though.
  13. Thanks mate! that means a lot. I have a feeling that true flight decks are coming with the constant updates from the ASET props - they look and work amazingly.
  14. I'll post a quick video in a few minutes
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