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  1. Dooz

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    All taken with a 6 inch Schmidt cassegrain and a really crappy plastic 3x barlow lens, and processed in registax. Jupiter Saturn (with cassini division and cloudbands!) Mars Recently got a 5x glass barlow, hope I can get better pictures once the clouds go away.
  2. It’s bad because they have a nuclear reactor in them.
  3. I let NERVAs burn up in the atmosphere.
  4. Dooz

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Produced this image of the orion nebula with a canon DSLR with a 75-300mm telephoto lens on a computerized mount. Stacked from 10 images.
  5. Dooz

    Anyone else still playing 1.2?

    I use 1.2.2 for RSS|RO
  6. Dooz

    What is Your Favorite Moon?

    Minmus purely for its strategic value, stupidly easy to force rendezvous’s in minmus orbit and of course, heavy fuel tankers can easily take off and land on the surface.
  7. Dooz

    2017 Eclipse Pictures

    from greenwood south carolina. The speck Is regulus. Solar prominence are sort of visible in the picture. And here Is one of my many pictures of partial And here is an extremely crude GIF of all the pictures of partial I took Please do not open if you are prone to seizures caused by flashing images.
  8. When you somehow crash your game and then you hope that the game saved your ship after you finished a burn.
  9. A simple texture modification to saturn's rings in real solar system. CREDIT @NathanKell for Real Solar System NASA for magnificent images of saturn. Pics for clicks. BEFORE With RSSVE HOW TO INSTALL REQUIREMENTS: REAL SOLAR SYSTEM Before you install I recommend that you back up in case you mess up. Simply extract the ZIP file to your KSP installation with Real Solar System. It will ask if you want to replace a file. click yes. Or drag and drop the from the zip into the RSS-Textures folder and click replace. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED MODS. Real Solar System Visual Enhancements LICENSE This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. DOWNLOAD
  10. Anybody know where I could get a realistic saturn ring texture for RSS? the default one Is really bothering me. EDIT: Decided to make my own. Please ignore this thread.
  11. Dooz

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    The only thing I'm concerned about Is getting my free DLC ticket fulfilled when making history comes out.
  12. Dooz

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    I took this picture of the orion nebula with my canon DSLR. The lens was a 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens. The exposure was 3.2 seconds and ISO 3200 The bow shape is visible but faint.
  13. Back from holiday break. Jool Is now sort of a jupiter-saturn hybrid while still keeping some of the original characteristics of stock jool. Jool's rings are still a WIP. Bop Is now a ringlet in between one of the ring divisions. It Is going to have a fast rotation but not like innaccessable from planet factory. Tylo now has some procedural craters. Pol Is now on a distant and inclined orbit around Jool right now it's still the same as stock but I plan to make it like Iapetus. And here Is a screenshot of the whole system That's all for now.
  14. Dooz

    We've been nominated for the Steam Awards!

    "The Boom boom reward" Isn't this game about space exploration and not blowing up In a fiery explosion? Personally. "Just five more minutes reward" would have fitted KSP the best.
  15. I took a bit of a break from making this planet pack but now I'm back with more progress!. Let's be honest you never visit dres its pretty much just a boring mun clone in orbit around the sun. Dres Is now an analogue to the hypothetical planet nine thus It has been transformed into an ice giant, orbiting beyond jool with a highly eccentric orbit . Vall Is now a moon of dres . It's basically a Triton-Titan hybrid with liquid nitrogen lakes and oceans with a thin atmosphere and if you are wondering large bodies of liquid nitrogen are theoretically possible. (eeloo replaces vall) That's all for now.