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  1. What Is causing this problem where the effects are rendered upside down and do not align with the terrain when moving the camera around? Any ideas on how to fix it?
  2. Actually I forgot to mention, I did use a 5x barlow, thats why there is some minor chromatic aberration visible. The whole payload weighs about 10ish pounds (Including camera and barlow), Just barely under the limit of the mount, once balanced, It doesn't have any trouble slewing the scope around. I also haven't noticed any star trailing at a 30 second exposure, it seems to handle the C6 and camera just fine.
  3. The OTA was a celestron C6-A-XLT Schmidt cassegrain The camera was an unmodded canon rebel t5 with a t ring to 1.25 inch the mount I used was an Ioptron smartEQ pro. Whole setup is lightweight also, I can carry it outside with 1 hand.
  4. Jupiter and the GRS Atmospheric conditions were very good.
  5. All taken with a 6 inch Schmidt cassegrain and a really crappy plastic 3x barlow lens, and processed in registax. Jupiter Saturn (with cassini division and cloudbands!) Mars Recently got a 5x glass barlow, hope I can get better pictures once the clouds go away.
  6. It’s bad because they have a nuclear reactor in them.
  7. Produced this image of the orion nebula with a canon DSLR with a 75-300mm telephoto lens on a computerized mount. Stacked from 10 images.
  8. Minmus purely for its strategic value, stupidly easy to force rendezvous’s in minmus orbit and of course, heavy fuel tankers can easily take off and land on the surface.
  9. from greenwood south carolina. The speck Is regulus. Solar prominence are sort of visible in the picture. And here Is one of my many pictures of partial And here is an extremely crude GIF of all the pictures of partial I took Please do not open if you are prone to seizures caused by flashing images.