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  1. I haven't played in quite a while and the whole mining system is new to me. It seems like way more effort than it's worth though. Do you bother with mining? What does your mining setup look like?
  2. I'm pretty broke =( Spending all my 30k to send a probe to the mun, which will barely give me any funds....
  3. Best update yet. I'm running out of funds, though =/
  4. This. Right now I have music disabled in KSP so I can play my space soundtrack instead.
  5. Update: added a new jet fighter.
  6. Jet Fighter mk. II A highly maneuverable and stable jet with great gliding ability. Precise controls recommended (press caps lock). The winglet design was inspired by another thread, I've forgotten which. Download High speed cargo delivery plane Designed to deliver aid packages to distant locations in a short period of time. Could easily be modified to drop bombs or kerbals. Notable features: Swept-back wings using I-beams to tweak part placement. Download Paratrooper dropship Designed to insert kerbal troops into enemy territory. Notable features: Aesthetically pleasing air intakes Download Virgin Glactic Spaceship Two Download Space Shuttle With Launch System and Probe (VAB) For LKO science missions. Notable features: Probe bay Download
  7. I'm not actually sure. I deployed them at a height above where the parachute opens, so there wasn't much shock. However, I don't think the parachutes fully deployed because I flew out of range and the "rovers" didn't show up in the tracking building. The trick might be to deploy them just above the parachute opening height.
  8. I build a dropship for inserting kerbal-troopers into enemy territory.
  9. Somebody wrote a program for this sort of thing: http://kspmissiongenerator.webs.com/hard-missions
  10. I built a replica of Virgin Glactic's SpaceShip Two. On the runway Booster speparation SpaceShip Two Booster stage
  11. I build a space shuttle with a deployable probe and a launcher for it. The shuttle, probe, and launcher Shuttle and probe Probe, deployed The launcher
  12. We are Korg. Resistance is futile.
  13. Something with class E asteroids. Maybe attach wings and rockets to one, then fly it around Jool.