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  1. Swing wide to the right and then come up over the notch in the ridge to the left.
  2. I share gladly sir! Please use this link Kerbull Thank you! In all fairness, you saw something that worked and grabbed it. Don't know how you managed to assemble two of the ramps together AND it looks like you slipped some struts in there too. Those things are HUGE in the buildings. That must have been quite the task. If it hadn't been for your original course, I would never have been inspired to make this so thank you as well.
  3. Yeah I always have trouble on gate 2 on the advanced course. I end up missing the gate or crashing into the ground. I think this gate gives you better sight lines on the approach making it easier to navigate through. Obviously the foot raising it off the ground and the increased opening height make it easier to estimate hard turns through it. Glad you liked it antbin! And thanks again to Darren9 for his hard work in putting this together in the first place.
  4. Sorry about that, had unexpected delays. Here's a shot on top of the existing ramp gates for size comparison.I dropped my gate at the locations of the existing ones to compare apples to apples. I'm setting up an additional one in the northern mountains. Once you've got a starting coordinate, placing the successive gates is a breeze. They seem to sit well but the foot may need to be widened for steeper placement. They do move like a dream once they are drop and you can 'hop' and slide them around easily.Let me know what you think, if it works for you guys, I'll drop 'em anywhere if someone draws the course out for me on the map. I'm setting up one of my own but work must come first.....
  5. I know how it works brother, I'm telling you the keys are wonky on 3.2.22222. H should be forward and N should be back. The N and K are swapped and the H and I are swapped. I verified this by re-installing 3.1.21228. I'm Windows 7 PCs and have tested this on two machines. Personally, I don't care 3.1.21228 works fine for me. Just thought you'd like to know... H and N keys on 3.2.22222:
  6. Somethings wonky with the key bindings in 3.2.22222. The IK and HN are swapped on mine. To solve AbuMaia's issue, couldn't you read the key mappings from file? Maybe load them from an array?
  7. I used Hyperedit as well, the new version is much more granular and resolves the position much more accurately. Most of mine ended up right over the ones you placed. I gently dropped them on top of the ramps and then used Hyperedit to delete the ramps. Since I made the part with integrated propulsion, it moves itself. was trying to avoid complex placement as I want to see more of these courses and the easier for people to place the gate the better for us all! I managed to place all of the beginner gates as a test. It sits pretty well on the ground and twists for adjustment fairly easily. You can use the thrusters to 'hop' around for fine tuning placement and it twist side to side easily. I'm going to fly the course later and will post some shots. The only location I had trouble with was Gate 2, it kept falling forward. I shifted it up the hill a little. Maybe I could do it as two pieces, the base and the ring. Then after placing it I could make the base super heavy for stability. If you've got a Kerbull Air Race logo I'd gladly apply it to the face. Thanks for the original course and the inspiration! I'm definitely willing to keep working on this and customize it if need be.
  8. I had to scale it down to check the COM and assume that the relative center is the same no matter the scale. The COM is dead center of the ring making it nice to approach as the name tag ends up in the center unlike the ramps which are tagged on a corner. I haven't moved one to the mountains yet but will tonight (hopefully, work dependent). I plan on setting up the entire original course with them and testing it on the three PCs I have KSP on (all different graphic setups). Is the fly away due to mass or is it a mesh issue. I did have a similar issue when I renamed the base pieces in blender and forgot to apply the collision mesh to the new objects in Unity. The base ended up underground and the whole piece freaked and popped up in the air. Actually flew about 500m! It was pretty funny. If the leveling becomes an issue, I was going to extrude the base out straight and put some landing legs at different heights around it. Side to side shouldn't be an issue, it’s round, but it may lean front to back. It is 144 meters wide to the outside and the ring wall is 18 meters wide so the opening diameter is 108 meters (roughly the same width as 2 of the ramps). This will give it and effective height which is much greater than the ramps so my hope is some front to back tilting won't be a huge issue. Have you tried increasing the mass of your gate to prevent fly aways? I was thinking I could place them and then pump the mass up to 30-40 tons to make it more stable.....
  9. Moving and placing these gates has got to be a bitch, I can't even join two of them! I decided to add my humble efforts to help perpetuate more of these challenges in the future. I present for your approval the Kerbull Self Contained Flight Ring: It's a command module It's a reaction wheel It has integrated RCS thrusters It has electricity It has it's own supply of monopropellant It's one part!! It flys and can be moved independantly! If you like it, let me know and I'll upload it for future courses!
  10. Confirmed underground in .21, I have nothing showing on the surface though. The one near the ridge is too.
  11. Chris would you be willing to share the craft files for this? Want to practice orbital assembly and this looks perfect for it!