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  1. On what version of KSP is this working ? I see 1.6 in the title then in dependencies are mods I know are not working with 1.6....
  2. Any alternative to CKAN on linux ? any other mod manager for linux ? CKAN no longer works on debian based distros since they updated it to run on mono 5.0
  3. Had the same problem. can happen on the launchpad or some ship I tried to get back to. Removed tweakscale : fixed the problem.
  4. The ability to create a maneuver node would be immensely helpful, for me at least.
  5. It's feasible since there is an addon with balloons already. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/84359-0-24-USI-Survivability-Pack-%28Formerly-DERP%29-v0-1-1-2014-09-28 "without having to spend the fuel to brake and slow down to land." You still have to brake, can't smash at 3000ms on the surface....
  6. I need an addon that would tell me how much memory and cpu cycles are being used by each of my currently installed addons. So I could quickly identify why I am playing at 1 FPS.
  7. For information : The swiss flag should be a square. It's not a long rectangle flag like the other. From wikipedia : " It is one of only two square sovereign-state flags, the other being the flag of Vatican City."
  8. Not only KSC. The whole world feels like a completely dead and empty desert.
  9. Spent too much time trying to eliminate addons one by one to find why my KSP crashes to desktop so much. Still haven't found.
  10. I think they should have added a cargo bay for rockets too.
  11. Cannot remember where I bought it but I play through steam.
  12. I only have around 15 addons and the game crashes all the time. how can I find the reason ?
  13. any plans to get rid of the toolbar dependency ?
  14. I play career but it is true the " silly contracts" are plain stupid : Go test sepratron while flying at 500ms between 11000m and 12500m... can't even press the button in time. FinePrint or another contracts addon is mandatory. The modders are way better than squad.
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