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  1. @sal_vager The world demands your attention, so you must go. We shall await your return.
  2. I wouldn't mind some mild romance, just some subtle stuff. Its always difficult to be romantically involved with a co-worker, I know from personal experience. Edit: What I meant was maybe a picture of the two standing in the local diner with Jeb's face covered in cake and Val just laughing her butt off at the spectacle.
  3. If you don't like it, vote with your wallet. If you do like it, vote with your wallet.
  4. Battlecruiser operational! For the Emperor! *Imperial March song*
  5. Anything and everything, games, people, animals, locations, events etc etc.
  6. I'll see you at 1200 hours, there is still many things I don't get.
  7. 250m/s before 10km altitude (Kerbin only). 700m/s before 40/50 km altitude. 1100m/s before 71km altitude.
  8. In that case, we get a lot higher number; 19345 / 4.5 = 4298/t (I think)
  9. I do not really understand what you are trying to get at? I already said it was a disposable rocket, nor an SSTO. I took the total cost of the entire craft+cargo and divided it by the total tonnage, is that not you are supposed to do when figuring out how much it would cost pr ton?
  10. Its a disposable rocket, all you have to do is be very skeptic about what parts you really "need". Edit: If I spent some more time tweaking the dV budget, looking for better part mixes and general optimization I could squeeze out 5-10% cost-reduction.
  11. In all conventional rocket design I managed a ~275/t for a 4½ ton payload. 20770 spacebucks / 75 tons. = 276,93/t
  12. Working on some new lifters, maybe found some new kind of kraken-drive. *cough*.
  13. When the game crashes before you even get to the launch-pad.
  14. Never landed on Eve, in fact I have never landed on any body outside Kerbin SoI.
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