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  1. That's the other side of Unity. But remember that polygon counts rarely are the cause of slowdowns: it's often due to lighting or particle effects. That applies to any game engine.
  2. I've suggested this before. Not that Curse is that bad though, but I just feel Spaceport with some fixes and tweaks would have been much better. Basically Curse, but tailored to KSP and with more relevant page design.
  3. Hi, There was a post on the KSP subreddit, suggesting a simplified mobile app of the VAB and SPH scenes. Low-res textures, low-quality models and an interface optimized for smartphones...I personally think this is a great idea, and very doable. Squad really needs to consider this, IMO. Original post: http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/253lbx/possible_to_build_a_vabsph_builder_mobile_app/
  4. Haven't even finished the second chapter, already WANT a movie adaption. This is epic. Fun thing was (SPOILER ALERT) that I felt you were 'explaining' Kerbal society...At first I expected them to move sub-surface, and the anti-allergic serum probably tasted like Mountain Dew or something By the way, not enough snacks.
  5. NASA called - they wanted their supercomputer back. Expected frame rate: .001-(300^9*1.7) FPS...
  6. *Happy dance* More B9?! Didn't know you people could, like, read minds (please don't) Some of the meshes look slightly wonky though - but keep up the good work!
  7. Not gonna lie - I want the C...raft files...
  8. Looks cool...but i wouldn't use it with text or logo's on it. I like my structures B9-style: simple and plain. And white, everything should be white.
  9. Holy crap. Felt like a really long video, but in a very, very good way. This needs to be on KSP Weekly. NOW. Also, Cooly, could you put the car up for download? It seems like the perfect rover to explore KC in...much better than the quick one i built in my excitement.
  10. So i'm not the only one. I hate Apple, but am quite jealous of iOS' apps...
  11. Wow, i was reading this topic until i realised the posts were from April 2012...Really liked the MegaShuttle, keep it up!
  12. Somehow this looks bigger than the the MK1-2 (or whatever it's called)...i like the plain look it has now, you should try to keep that.
  13. Let's hope Olympic will stay around then, i check this topic every day after school, my daily awesomeness quota must be met
  14. That sounds like a cold, disciplined and love-free Soviet space program.
  15. Love: The Kerbals. They're so cute! Building anything but the things the game was made for. The community. Keeps amazing me. Hate: The lag. The painful lag. Only got 13 fps on a 1150-part ship! The lack of any 'sexy' parts. Where are my sleek spaceships, my aerodynamic crew buses, my minimalistic Mun buildings? Kerbin. KSP has got the largest realistic world in any game, and it's empty! Squad, build us some cities, will you?
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