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  1. With the introduction of Breaking Ground there is a lot of opportunity to build things that can fold out and deploy. But the joints are something fairly weak. I think it would open up a lot of design possibilities and be a fun gameplay mechanic to allow our engineers to become basic space welders and be able to apply struts to vehicles in the wild. I have lots of designs I would love to try out, but with the mechanic of only being able to connect two pieces with a single lever/servo/rotor I often just can't make joints that are strong enough. But if I could deploy then 'weld' the items into place after the robotics did their stuff with an engineer I think that would be great.
  2. Why is just lowering the threshold for things blowing up not an option? Everything else seems to break physics in some sort of way. But what if we just say that Kerbals are pretty bad engineers and that their stuff stuff blows up when it gets to some threshold that is lower than the current threshold?
  3. KSP Version: v1.0.2.842 Windows 64 Bit What Happens: When faring debris are in contact with the vessel it believes the vessel is landed at the body it is orbiting around. If you EVA and view the flight from the tracking center its status will be landed. Touching the vessel on an EVA at this point causes the Kerbal to go flying wildly about. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) Construct a vessel that will wedge faring debris against parts of the vessel when the faring is deployed. 2) Get into orbit. 3) Deploy the faring. 4) While debris are in contact with the vessel attempt to hit ESC and return to space center, it will not be possible as it says you are moving across the surface. 5) EVA from the vessel 6) Return to space center Result: View flight in tracking center, the status is landed. Attempting to fly the vessel again is extremely buggy. It does not respond to most control inputs. Fixes/Workarounds: None known. Images here: Logfile Here: Flight in question starts around 18:50
  4. I did it, on the water tower, no fuel, only a radial decoupler still attached. Also maybe not exactly in the spirit on the competition. Derbent was getting tired of Jeb, Bob and Bill getting all the credit for things around here, so he wanted to show them he could accomplish things! He also may have dropped it a time or two.
  5. When you recover or terminate flight, is there any way to see the flight statistics? When you crash you get the flight info like "Total Distance" and "Total Ground Distance" which are sometimes used in challenges etc. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to get that info if you just recover a flight.
  6. Some Kerbals have gotten to thinking it may be better to fly rockets to high altitudes and then launch them from there to save on that costly fuel needed for those first 10,000 meters of altitude, but they need help getting those rockets up there. They are looking for working prototypes of aircraft that run only on air-powered engines, which launch horizontally, can deliver a payload to 10,000m and land safely. The criteria they are judging on is the payload capacity of the aircraft. They are only interested in launching big rockets. So the winner will be determined by the aircraft which can deliver the most full Rockomax Jumbo-64 fuel tanks to an altitude of 10,000m+, drop them safely then land back at the airport. Should multiple entries be able to deliver the same number of Jumbo-64 fuel tanks, then ties will be broken by the number of additional full X200-16 fuel tanks which can be dropped with the 64s. If there is STILL a tie, then the highest altitude at which the tanks were dropped will break the tie. No mods should be used. As proof the require a photo of the aircraft in flight with the fuel tanks, an image of the fuel tanks being released, an image of the empty plane still flying and finally an image of the empty plane having landed back at home. As proof that it is possible, they submit their currently working prototype. PS. it was not until they inspected these photos that they realized their best engineer forgot to install a right wing landing gear. Results: Pirke: 4! Jumbo tanks! That beast looks more like a flying aircraft carrier than a plane! the_bT: 3 Jumbo tanks (along with 3 X300-32s, this might be a hard one to beat)
  7. It is going to be a little brutal for the folks who get it and get their saves broken in the next couple days.