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  1. which engine is the electric prop engine?
  2. how close is 'close' for the amphitheater?
  3. i really should be doing better with my documentation don't i?
  4. which coordinates? the one provided by KER? or the one you can see from the tracking station? also how did a question of 'has anyone been here?' became me unintentionally claiming a spot? ________________________________________________ trying to get to little italy, i think i found it, but am gonna overshoot it bad...... again nvm wrong area ah here we go
  5. okay back to the mountain hole i found. i mean this one anyone want to suggest a name for this? the name i've thought of is MHole... which is great. i know, no need for applause i'm gonna make the clue to get there. soon more pics here
  6. right. so more wide angle/panoramic/scenery shots. will do it tomorrow. (OOT, just closed the game and started learning actual CAD modelling) as for coordinates. well, "just land there" and see the location of your craft through the tracking station. there' coordinates
  7. and now i'm preparing for a convoy 3 smol 'Microver's (i know, i'm great at naming) in a single trip ready for takeoff now, to do, find a destination or not..... i need to figure out how to secure it
  8. anyone been to this massive ice ridge before yet?
  9. Lake Zero because it crosses the boundary of land and ice. and is likely the water there is at 0 degrees
  10. wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you still made boats.......... i made accidental submarines well i kinda sorta managed to make one. and i am now here. what place is this? managed to land (after 5 attempts) and took a selfie
  11. possible? of course....... i just could not build one. i made like 5 _failed_ prototypes already
  12. so, i want to try making a boatplane so it's more versatile. anyone know of good boat mods?
  13. either way, im gonna need another plane to explore that, the last plane i went there with was a short range high altitude plane. wasn't great for low altitude. crashed soon after i discovered the place either way. i like it. but i want to change a bit KeiNile so i started from near the mountain took a break and some selfie and will now start traversing the river starting, and passing this swamp area some stiff cliff and here i am at the end of the river. but also... unfortunately, the end of my plane did 3 separate landing attempts and kept being unsatisfied with that i can't get a flat landing area to take a nice pic on.... ended up stalling on the 4th landing and now she's stranded yeah she didn't looked too happy
  14. Knile as in, it's big like the Nile river, and 'discovered' by koolkei? (i never even took a closer look on kerbin's surface much before)
  15. this thread just made me want to go at any random direction so what place is this? https://imgur.com/IUyxnPt how do i embed an image again? this massive ground cracks https://imgur.com/pEuqTp0
  16. heyo, hopefully this challenge is still active. i'm an old player coming back to the game and have missed(and forgotten) a lot. but the save file seems to be incompatible with the new 1.9 build? or i just plainly don't remember how to change save files anymore. because i THINK i followed the directions on the OP closely enough
  17. nononono. this is a relatively slow moving forum. 12 hours is not enough to see the actual response. you need to wait up to 3 days at least,
  18. ^uhhh did you get back? you have to make it back to KSC
  19. are we still doing this on 1.1.3? and also how do you get to build outside of the hangar? god i'm so out of date after my hiatus
  20. dammit... even with OP hybrid planes....... i can't defeat Van disaster's score..... then again, there's a lot of mistakes i did when was flying it. score: 2.84 on FAR also still on 1.1.3
  21. i just had to ask. @Van Disaster what is that extra stuff on the ksc????? what mod? also.... i already found 1 umm not really loophole in this as it doesn't really help that much. but it does help.
  22. yeah. the pic i posted didn't have the solar panels. but originally it had them, but when it's noon, i didn't even need the fuel cells to power the electric engine, so that feels like cheating to me, so took them off to look how feasible it was with pure fuel cells. it's very feasible alright... i also found out that the big fuel cell pack is more efficient than the small single ones. though it may be OP in the existing category. a whole different category for hybrid planes are quite possible don't you think?
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